By idontunderstand - 07/05/2018 19:00

Today, my father has been unemployed for 8 of my parents' 25 years of marriage, and my mom still supports him. I've been unemployed for three months and my mom is kicking me out. The difference is, I'm actually applying places. He just plays video games. FML
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Your dad sounds like my husband. It’s really ******* sad.

C'est* Gosh darned habit for words like Don't and Isn't.


C'est* Gosh darned habit for words like Don't and Isn't.

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It probably would cost your mum more to file for a divorce... Sucks but it's true

You’re not boning your mom, I hope. Maybe if you played more video games, you’d be welcome to stay.

Your dad sounds like my husband. It’s really ******* sad.

Why on earth do you put up with that?

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This is the moment where you realize you were a mistake.

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Op that's terrible man. Use this as motivation to try to better yourself and be better than your father. Something will fall through don't worry man. Keep your head up

OP I am right there with you. Only difference is that I have been unemployed for a month and I already live on my own. I am so poor I live without running water and my furnace died back in September, Dealing with medical bills from a vehicle accident and I unemployment got cut off thanks to an error from a temp agency where they submitted an extra check that doesn't exist. I just want running water and a working furnace. all the poverty groups won't help either. I finally got a floor in the back of the house since I fell through it twice but I have not fixed the giant gaping hole in the ceiling because well money. I basically live in one room of my 2 bedroom house even though I have a full kitchen, living and second room. Bathrooms are unusable because well no water. I have worked full time since I could get a job but that doesn't matter. I have even worked 2 full time jobs to get buy. Still poor, always poor.

I suspect that OP’s Mom has some major issues with OP’s chronically unemployed Dad and that is why she is responding to OP like she is. At the least she probably does not want her son (OP) to become like his Dad and this is how she’s trying to motivate her son. OP - You have my sympathy. Do not let your chronically unemployed Dad be your model. If anything - look at what your Dad is doing with his life to waste it away and learn not to be like that. While he may be sponging off your mom for now, the day may come when she gets sick of it and then he’s suddenly on the street.

That's nothing, that poor roach wasn't paying rent and got kicked out of that woman's ear after only 9 days.

Meta Comment of the Week Alert! The rest of us should just quit trying for the next 5 days.