By iliterallypoopedmyself - 19/01/2012 01:54 - Australia

Today, I anxiously waited 8 hours for an important phone call. The phone rang while I was sitting on the toilet. FML
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You couldnt take the phone to the washroom? xD 'oh hello boss. I was wa--plop--iting for your ca--plop plop sploosh--ll all day. '

Lol ahhh that's the worst! Id just wipe real quick and bail to the phone! Finish your duty while on the phone

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So is your face multiplied by 7. :|

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But you dont see me telling you your face is a repeat....

21 - yeah murphy is always at work. must be the busiest ************ ever

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44 - No kidding. Has the ability to **** up billions of things across the world all at once. -__-

Upon reading this, I thought of that YouTube video of that woman constantly saying "Sittin' on a toilet!"

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uh sorry my #40 reply was to a comment that got deleted...

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Hey, at least you didn't shit your..... *sees username* oh shit.

Well yea.. But OP still missed the call due to inconvenient circumstances.

I know but idk, was it that big of a deal to wait until after the poop to call back? Or for some reason was OP not allowed to call that person or something. I'm just confused :p

OP is just venting, She probably waited really close to the phone for 8 hours and when she had to go to the bathroom BAMM the phone rings while she's helplessly wiping her ass. FHL

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Also, if the person calling is in the military or participating in something that allows minimal personal time, OP may not be able to call back.

It could have been a call about a job interview or something like that. In those circumstances, you can't really call back later I guess :/

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Some private organisations hide their numbers; in that case you simply can't call back.

Hahahahaha classic! I'm guessing it's an Aussie term, cause no one else seems to like that joke besides us :D

How do you know Victoria's an Aussie?

And I guess YOU'RE not very good at spelling.

Definitely not an Aussie term. I use it here in America all the time.

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Shouldve said: "You shitted out luck"

Then why the hell did the comment have -9 at one point...? -_- Amateur thumb-ers...

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Theres always one whos brave enough to say a joke thats been overused. Always...

"Cool story bro?"... People still say that?

I used to say "cool story bro" till I took an arrow to the knee.

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That awkward moment when you realize someone has already overused all your jokes ...

I used to make stupid comments like 28, but then I lost my virginity.

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@35 "I'M SICK OF THESE MUTHA ******* ARROWS, IN THESE MUTHA ******* KNEES" -Samuel L. Jackson-

Well thought-out comment, invest in one.

I'm not sure that would help. OP did not specify whether she was using a home phone or a cell phone. If she had been using her cell phone, there may be sanitary reasons involved in not using while you are going to the bathroom.

I guess you were in a SHITTY situation! Hardy har har! I need to go out more.

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Or stay in and get better puns ;)

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If it was that important, I'd go that far as to bring the phone with me to the toilet.

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What if OP has one of those old ahh corded phones?

I swear people wait until you're busy to call you!

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Well it is a good thing phones are cordless these days so you could answer