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Hey this is the op. lol to #57 i have 38 d cup so i think yeah that's the reason. And i dont have a moustache it's just that i have a curvy body structure but really dont look like a man and i was also wearing a gray loose jacket at that time and yes my friend did stick up for me. Funny comments lol
By Pennepestoem - / Saturday 5 January 2013 19:07 / Philippines - Makati
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I don't know why you lying about speaking to op but I'll figure it out.

  marxistbkly  |  3

OP would need to be a guy for the statement to apply to OP. Since OP is not a guy, a condition necessary for the statement to be true of OP is absent. Therefore, even by "that logic" OP is not loser.

  laya_fml  |  26

My apologies, 64. It seems that somehow with this comment or my previous one I offended you. I was just joking. I think every time I have ever commented it was a joke. I did not think that any of them were offensive, but if they were to you, I am sorry.

  gracehi  |  31

I hate it when I hear guys talk about ugly women like their ugliness is a character flaw. I'd call them pigs, but pigs are usually more charming in my experience.

  gracehi  |  31

No, of course not all guys are like that. But the guy in this FML is. And let's not pretend that there aren't some pretty shallow and rude women out there too.

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