By OweLotsaMoney - 05/09/2013 15:49 - United States

Today, I arrived at my college dorm. To help me sleep, I listened to my local radio from my phone. Little did I know, they turn off the wifi for part of the night, and hours of music were streamed onto my phone. Guess who now owes the phone company all my money. FML
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someindiandude 6

I would really like to know which college this is at.

narkill 13

Why would they turn on wifi during the night? What do they have to gain or potentially lose from this? Fyl.


I hate it when people make these kinds of stupid comments when you could just hit the button.

I hate it when people complain about stupid comments when they could just hit the thumb down button.

deathhill3 40

I hate it when people complain about people complaining about stupid comments, there is a button for that.

I hate when people complaining about people complaining about people complaining...just shut the **** up and thumb them down.

Schizomaniac 24

I hate when I wake up 2 minutes before my alarm clock goes off. Shit sucks.

@19 Same applies to your comment ... its call a thumb down. Never do that again.

I hate it when people continue things like the above. Just comment on the FML instead of being hypocritical.

I hate it when people complain about buttons and shitz. I dont know :/

someindiandude 6

I would really like to know which college this is at.

perdix 29

One that doesn't accept people who end sentences with prepositions.

If they turn off WiFi at night, it's obviously Satan's School of the Damned.

Good golly, it better be fast because think of all the kids who download stuff over the night.

narkill 13

Why would they turn on wifi during the night? What do they have to gain or potentially lose from this? Fyl.

They keep students from staying up all night studying. This eventually means students fail. Failing opens room for more students who may be transferring. School makes more money.

K410 18

This is why I turn my cell data off when I'm on wifi, it saves the battery and prevents this crap from happening.

#27: I don't think they want students to fail because that brings the schools Grade point average down.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

They could use the early morning hours to do all the in-house service stuff (backing up servers, pushing updates to faculty computers, letting the night security stream ****, etc) so they cut out wifi for the dorms.

I dont get it? For my phone I can leave the data on and its only being used if I'm actually using the phone. If data is on and the phone is off it doesn't matter, its not using my data.

define "phone is off", because data has nothing to do with your cell radio, and just putting it to sleep still means the phone is on. you have to turn off data manualy or the data stream will be used regardless of internet activity.

Yeah sorry, I read the FML wrong. I thought after listening to music OP went to sleep but left his phone and data on. I didn't realize he kept streaming music after he fell asleep. Just ignore that last comment.

I can't even think of a silver lining to this. That sucks OP.

Silver lining is hours worth of good music. Good music always puts a smile on my face

Yeah but OP most likely missed the majority of the music as she was sleeping.

Silver lining is: now you know, and knowing is half the battle. *sings* G.I. JOOOEEE!

Like knowing that you can now buy a cheap radio, tune in to local stations and listen all night long. Best part; no wifi needed, works off of radio-land magic. Old school, but no large bill.

Why would you owe the phone company a lot of money. Most plans are unlimited data. Unless you don't have one of those plans I guess.

Yeah that's good and all but I prefer Ireland channel one.

Well if you own the phone company maybe they can look the other way for you...

KareBear7364 5

Why would they do that at a college? How stupid. Sorry op.

I don't get it, either. How are you supposed to finish your projects the night before it's due if you can't access the internet?

zyperman43 19

Maybe get your projects done earlier. You shouldn't wait until the night before its due.

adsadas 4
1PersonIsMyWorld 22

most students procrastinate and do projects the night before.. its pretty typical. I do it.

57 - Some of us work better under pressure. Or at least that's what he tell ourselves. Regardless, students need WiFi at night because projects are inevitably going to be left until the last minute.

Spider_Web 11

Sue the college, then sue your local radio and then sue your phone company.

addioty 19

Why all the downvotes? It's obvious sarcasm and personally I thought it was funny

Also sue yourself while you're at it. And your phone (the physical phone itself).. and also the court system, for costing you so much money on lawyers!

And when the lawyers refuse to defend you, sue them too!!

That's why you should always check if your phone is on wifi or if your phone is on the companies connection. Another idea, get a plan that allows you to have more data.

I don't think you understood the fact that his phone was on Wi-Fi before he went to sleep and that they turned it off overnight.

Red_Ninja_20 5

Like Sprint. Everything is unlimited.

But Sprint has shitty connection, and yes, I have Sprint so I would know. Lol go with AT&T or something. (: unless it's just me with shitty connection. Someone back me up on this?

I was fine on Sprint and I'd never trust the blue death star at&t is evil

MsMourningStar 22

Sprint has shitty service. I'm on my Sprint phone now, out blows. Only good thing is it's cheap price wise.

I have at&t I and I can say it sucks. Some days I can't make a call to certain other times I can't call period. And once or twice a year I find that people call me but my phone doesn't ring.

I've never had good service with AT&T. Calls constantly cut out or I had really bad reception. As the person above me said, sometimes when people called it wouldn't even ring. The Internet connectivity was virtually non-existant. I had T-Mobile before that - I could be standing ON the cell tower and not get service (though I've heard they've gotten better). I have Verizon now - phenomenal reception and so-so Internet speed.

I think 10 was trying to say to check that if you're on Wi Fi that you're not connected to your phone data too! :) Maybe?

LilFlutter 10

I have been with Sprint for over ten years and have not had any issues with them. The Internet is fast (4G, but still 3G in some places). Signal strength all depends on where you are no matter what company you're with. You could move apartments in the same city and go from great signal to zero signal - this happened to someone I know who has Verizon. Sprint's unlimited data plans are great!

And you never been burned by auto correct? Lighten up Francis.

At least in he is in college so he can learn grammar now.