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Today, I was paired up with my long-term crush for a project. She introduced herself to me and asked if I was new this year. We've gone to the same school since kindergarten. FML
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Well, better late than never...her observation skills are a little lacking.


The time will pass.... what goes around, comes around. ;) Man up

He doesn't need to man up, don't be so heartless.

Although I agreed with his first statement, there's no need to "man up". Just a dumb stereotype that all men need to be manly and suck it up. Instead just say "forget about it".

Why does anything need to 'come around' to her?? So what if a girl doesn't know the name of every guy who's never spoken to her...? It's not her fault she focuses more on school than random guys ogling over her ?

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#64, I'd normally agree, but I know the face of everyone that went to my elementary school who still goes to my high school (I dont talk to them either). You don't have to focus on your studies to know someone. This is taking the "not seeing you" to a whole new level.

#67 I'd agree with you if they'd been in the same class for all those years, but it says they were simply in the same school. Depending on the school, your grade can have several hundred students. If they'd only ever shared a few unimportant classes here and there, sat in opposite ends, never really spoke to each other, etc... I can understand how she wouldn't really know him. Especially if a lot of his physical features are generic (as in, many of the other boys look like him). Of course she might indeed just be really dense, but who knows. In any case, it sucks for him, but c'est la vie.

Plus, going through puberty can make a big difference. She might have known him in elementary school (since they're generally smaller schools), but just never really saw him the first few years of high school and so didn't recognize him after he'd changed. Things like weight gain/loss, dying your hair or changing its style, wearing different clothing types, growing taller, changed voice, piercings/tattoos, etc... can make a big difference! :P

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Nah, even with all those changes, I can still go, hey I remember that person's face or at least know they went to the same elementary or middle school. My elementary school had quite a few students. Middle school more, and then high school even more. And when all of the people from elementary school filter into middle school, it's even more noticable. I have mediocre memory and I can still recall if someone went to the same middle or elementary school (upon seeing them, of course).

Dude, don't underestimate changes. I hung out with a girl once a week for 5 years when I was a kid. Went 3 years without seeing her, and then was serving her at my job. She went from short and fat to tall and skinny, short brown bobbed hair to long and bubble-gum pink, voice more womanly, boobs, piercings everywhere and sunglasses covering 1/3 of her face. I must admit it took me a good 15 minutes to recognize her. I imagine it's much harder for people who have never spoken to her (and only seen in the hallways) to recognize her after the change. Another friend went from short and fat to tall and skinny, curly red hair to straight and black, he started wearing make-up, went from overalls to skinny jeans, voice deeper, tattoos, etc... I recognized him, but a few others who weren't as close to him didn't recognize him when they met him a few years later. In any case, yeah, she might just be super dense and unobservant. But I still don't think this would be a "what goes around, comes around" situation. Being unobservant doesn't make her a bitch who deserves to be smote by karma, it just means she needs to be more aware of her surroundings.

Well, better late than never...her observation skills are a little lacking.

Mayb she really likes OP too and is tryna play it cool. No one is that blind for that long

Also, did no one see Transformers? Mikaela never noticed Sam & that turned out better than expected. You never know. Hang in there OP.

Heck, late might be best, he has a clean slate to work with now! With a bonus of already knowing about her some. now's his chance!

That's rough, it's no fun when the person you love doesn't even realize you exist. Hang in there.

"The person you love" he's obviously never even spoken to her. How can he love someone that doesn't even know he exists :p

Well, I loved my girlfriend before I even met her, before I even knew who she was. I fell in love at hello, even if she wasn't speaking to me. It's something that can happen.

On the contrary, I was and still am madly in love. ? I've had crushes and they never felt the way I felt when I fell in love without knowing anything of the person. It can happen.

That's called infatuation. The fact that she returned the same feeling and that it then grew into love, is wonderful, but lucky.

I actually agree with Sammielsabella. One can deeply and truly love another person for all the wrong reasons. People try to complicate romantic love, but it's really quite simple. On a chemical level, it's a drive to be in someone's company. Scientists have found that this chemical function in the brain is similar to the chemical function that tells you you're hungry or thirsty or tired, and not like the chemical functions that tells you you're happy, sad, or angry. There's no evidence that you have to know someone in order for this love-chemical to be set off in your brain.

Maybe you're right, but I go off from personal experience and others around and they found "love at first sight" is just petty emotions til you know the person personally.

How are you telling him he's wrong for saying he loved his girlfriend at first sight?

Ouch, that one stings. At least she knows of your existence now!

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Thats pretty ******* sad to be honest, but on the plus side you got your trust for ya project!

don't worry too much, we don't notice everything that we probably should! but now is a good chance to get to know one another.. you never know what could come next! good luck! :)