By nackpattywhackgiveadogabone - 23/09/2010 11:01 - United States

Today, after I got off work, as I walked into the house, I noticed something running across the floor towards me and out of complete terror I kicked it halfway across my living room, not knowing what it was. Turns out it was my roommate's new puppy. FML
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awww how could you not know it was a puppy?:(


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I thought almost the same thing, 1, and this FML is pretty funny. I bet the OP feels horrible now, dang. I knew most people in here would be giving OP shit bc most everyone's a dog/puppy lover. But, the situation is just so stupid it's funny

Animal cruelty is good for us. Builds character.

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#18 stupid blondes. hahaha :p c'mon man what did puppies ever do to you? :(


Maybe op is terrified by killer puppies, could be an option...

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136- Once I saw a documentary about a poop that took a pee. it ate their daughter.

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18, you may love collages, but I love your ****! being completely complimentary

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if that puppy is dead burn in hell. if not, apologize like hell and pay for any expenses. or even better, shoot yourself. how the **** do u mistake something for a puppy idiot

Is that what you do in your spare time when you're not drowning kitties?

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#1 haha awesome pic. DJ Bl3nd is effing beast! :D

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Why do people not seem to ubderstand it was an accident? I once puched a six-year- old by reflex. Complete accident.

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all you animal haters should get eaten by my pet tiger.. without the animal kingdom there would be no food chain and so haters like you can starve and die. kick you all halfway cross the world, ***** tgat take for granted

#56 I saw a documentary about a woman who owned a pet tiger...One day, it ate her. :(

Thank you, 61. Common sense is such the bomb.

61: I saw a documentary about someone that had a pet python. It ate their kid.

rallets 22

i saw a documentary about someone who owned a tiger and a python. it ate each other

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how come the numbers are so messed up for this comment? and YDI for not looking BEFORE kicking OP... asshole.

I once saw a documentary about mankind. they're the dirtiest, most disgusting and evil animal on this planet. It is said they will one day kill eachother to the point of extinction over nonexistent gods and "valuable" resources. Oh yea I forgot, I once read a story about a woman who got one and it ate her......out.

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Shouldn't this be a FML for the puppy owner?

what a bitch. damn how did u not notice a puppy.

I agree. I'd throw your stuff out on the street and light it on fire.

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you know, one time i was walking through the unlit corridor to my room when i saw something running across the floor too. i didn't KICK it though, and i never felt an impulse to. It was just my 2 year old nephew going to his mum. was wrong witchu? traumatisation or gtfo

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Well, babies suck, and it doesn't matter if you kick one.

********!! someone should fucken kick youu

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awww how could you not know it was a puppy?:(

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you r really dumb, fo real...what could u mistake a puppy for, a mouse, cockroach...WTF lol

91, there are a lot of little dogs that when wet or in low lighting, could be mistaken for rats

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a racoon or possum maybe. it was a new puppy that she had no idea about. she does deserve it for not looking but it probably scared her and she acted on instinct

it could have been really fluffy and grey and fat, so he might have thought it was a dust bunny or something?

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wow, how could you not tell that it was a puppy? Your an asshole

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#11 it's breathe not breath!! (your profile desc.) :)

why do you care how long his hair is? looks good:)

It's "it's;" if I were you, I would check my own apostrophe use before correcting the errors of others'. :P

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that's how she spelled it moron....

#226 She spelled it correctly, she wrote 'It's' so stop correcting something that's not a mistake.

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Next time, don't let your terror control you. Be mindful of your feelings. They will betray you to the dark side.

one gay insightful bullshit from an obsessed naruto fag

*duct tapes jpraiders to wall* Such a pointless comment. But unlike mine, it contains no duct tape.

Sigh. These ones are utterly depressing.