By nackpattywhackgiveadogabone - / Thursday 23 September 2010 11:01 / United States
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  starile  |  19

I thought almost the same thing, 1, and this FML is pretty funny. I bet the OP feels horrible now, dang. I knew most people in here would be giving OP shit bc most everyone's a dog/puppy lover. But, the situation is just so stupid it's funny

  cbr600_fml  |  0

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  arandomboy  |  0

if that puppy is dead burn in hell. if not, apologize like hell and pay for any expenses. or even better, shoot yourself. how the fuck do u mistake something for a puppy idiot

  far_east  |  6

all you animal haters should get eaten by my pet tiger.. without the animal kingdom there would be no food chain and so haters like you can starve and die. kick you all halfway cross the world, shits tgat take for granted

  seanders  |  10

I once saw a documentary about mankind. they're the dirtiest, most disgusting and evil animal on this planet. It is said they will one day kill eachother to the point of extinction over nonexistent gods and "valuable" resources.

Oh yea I forgot, I once read a story about a woman who got one and it ate her......out.

  iGreen_Day  |  0

you know, one time i was walking through the unlit corridor to my room when i saw something running across the floor too. i didn't KICK it though, and i never felt an impulse to. It was just my 2 year old nephew going to his mum.

was wrong witchu? traumatisation or gtfo

  azhein  |  0

a racoon or possum maybe. it was a new puppy that she had no idea about. she does deserve it for not looking but it probably scared her and she acted on instinct


Today, after being neutered, my dog has managed to destroy three different "cones of shame", a special (and expensive) inflatable "donut" collar, and two t-shirts used as last resorts. I've essentially spent over $100 to unsuccessfully try keep my dog from licking his crotch. FML

By AnnoyedAggie16 - / Monday 5 December 2016 09:14 / United States - Cypress
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