By Anonymousagb - United Arab Emirates
Today, as I was washing the dishes, I felt what I thought was a mosquito on my leg. I kicked at it with my foot only to realize that I had just kicked my adopted puppy in the face. Now, whenever I come into a room, he runs to the corner and pees. FML
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  blankaex  |  0

SHE deserved it because she didn't take half a second to look at what it is. Isn't that common sense? Look before you leap, or in this case, look before you kick a scared, small puppy that isn't used to its surroundings. YDI, stupid OP

  craziii  |  0

it's true dogs hair/whiskers can feel like w mosquito, I almost hit my dog once cuz of that but I realized it was my dog and averted my swat trajectory.

  JJ_86  |  22

Dog hair could feel like mosquito. But I don't understand why someone would try to kick a mosquito.
OP seems too nice a person to squash the mosquito but ended up doing worse.


holy shit douchbag!!!! #1 that's bullshit, my grandma breeds/trains dogs so I would and #2 thepuppy is terrified!!!!!!!! that's why it's peeing!!! do you hit five-year-olds to make them stop crying?? asshole!!!!!!!

  PaperCaper  |  11

When my puppy would poop in the house, my dad would rub his nose in it. The puppy already was extra-sensitive, so after he managed to get away, he would hide behind me and mope around for hours. Now my other dog is old and has control issues, so the [puppy] freaks out every time there's poop lying around.

  blooglekoogle  |  0

you fucking asshole. he's fucking scared you bitch!! imagine how you would feel if someone at least 5 feet bigger than you kicked you in the face and then you had to live with them. god your an asshole

By  MukyDaCookie  |  0

OMG! That's so sad! You're going to have to really earn his trust again.

Guys, are you kidding? If the puppy licked her leg, or put his nose there it would feel like a mosquito.

  blooglekoogle  |  0

you fucking asshole! how would you feel if you gt kicked in the face on your first or second day being in a brand new face by someone you had to live with for the rest of your life! asshole!