By Anonymousagb - 24/04/2009 15:18 - United Arab Emirates

Today, as I was washing the dishes, I felt what I thought was a mosquito on my leg. I kicked at it with my foot only to realize that I had just kicked my adopted puppy in the face. Now, whenever I come into a room, he runs to the corner and pees. FML
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You deserved it, you idiot. The puppy didn't though.


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americuzz 8

awww:( I feel bad for the puppy:((

I want to like your comment, but it's at 69 so I will just leave it

#364 ohmygosh me too. that exactly what I thought. YDI for kicking a little puppy. ASSHOLE

omg that is so sad!! my dog is really small too so i have to be so careful not to step on her

why use the word adopted? you obviously didn't give birth to it

I'm guessing they were saying they had a puppy from someone else's dog, of which was the mother of this pup

You deserved it, you idiot. The puppy didn't though.

How did he deserve it? he didn't do it on purpose. if I felt felt what I think to be a mosquito on my foot I would

SHE deserved it because she didn't take half a second to look at what it is. Isn't that common sense? Look before you leap, or in this case, look before you kick a scared, small puppy that isn't used to its surroundings. YDI, stupid OP

violetrider123 3

I completely agree. poor puppy :(

I also agree as I have a new pup and he gets scared because I accidently stepped on his paw once but OP can probs bribe the dog with food

Besides... Why would you kick a mosquito? wouldn't you be kicking yourself (or the puppy)?? ?

I don't understand how a dog would remotely feel like a mosquito.

maybe she felt the tip of the puppies ear on her leg

Or the mosquitos over there are just really large.

ahhhcrap23 0

omg!!!! poor puppy! how the hell would it feel like a mosquito?!?

it's true dogs hair/whiskers can feel like w mosquito, I almost hit my dog once cuz of that but I realized it was my dog and averted my swat trajectory.

Dog hair could feel like mosquito. But I don't understand why someone would try to kick a mosquito. OP seems too nice a person to squash the mosquito but ended up doing worse.

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klumzy0123456789 6

ur an asshole u shudnt b allowed to have animals. the puppy peed because he is scareddd dumbass!!

rachellelt695 0

I agree with klumzy , you shouldn't be allowed to have pets. that is just cruel . how would you like it if someone rubbed your nose is your own pee.

holy shit douchbag!!!! #1 that's bullshit, my grandma breeds/trains dogs so I would and #2 thepuppy is terrified!!!!!!!! that's why it's peeing!!! do you hit five-year-olds to make them stop crying?? asshole!!!!!!!

When my puppy would poop in the house, my dad would rub his nose in it. The puppy already was extra-sensitive, so after he managed to get away, he would hide behind me and mope around for hours. Now my other dog is old and has control issues, so the [puppy] freaks out every time there's poop lying around.

you ******* asshole. he's ******* scared you bitch!! imagine how you would feel if someone at least 5 feet bigger than you kicked you in the face and then you had to live with them. god your an asshole

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go **** yourself Normanj I hope someone slaps you to make you stop being an asshole

shadows17 0

You're an animal abuser and should be in prison.

Norman j - kids are loud. If you're gonna abuse them for being normal then don't have a kkd

MukyDaCookie 0

OMG! That's so sad! You're going to have to really earn his trust again. Guys, are you kidding? If the puppy licked her leg, or put his nose there it would feel like a mosquito.

Today I was happily greeting my new best friend while they were washing dishes and the jerk kicked me in the face. FML

kaseyslifesucks 5
hellyeahfucker 0

thts not funny u dumb **** it probably hurt the poor little puppy

you ******* asshole! how would you feel if you gt kicked in the face on your first or second day being in a brand new face by someone you had to live with for the rest of your life! asshole!

oh my.. how horrible!! aww poor puppy. you really need to teach it not to be scared of you now