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Today, a cop rear-ended me. Then I received a ticket from him for driving too far under the speed limit. We were in a school zone. FML
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umm can't you dispute this in court? In most cases, the person rear ending you is at fault because they were either a) driving too close and/or b) not paying attention. You could've stopped for any number of legitimate reasons. Sadly this is just another case of a cop abusing his power so he doesn't get reprimanded. Get a lawyer fast OP.


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fight the ticket and while you're at it, if he caused any damages, have him pay for that!

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Fight the police! That's just wrong. He was pissed he made a mistake and is trying to take it out on you. I would take that BS to the chief of police.

School zones are only in effect during certain hours, which do not include Sundays. YDI for not knowing the laws

make him drive you to his station and talk to the chief (let him escort you there) dont pay for that ticket

FMLs don't always show up on the day they are submitted. So don't just assume it was today. Hate ignorant people like you who just assume it's always the OP's fault!

I agree, fight the ticket, as in court in front of a judge, what you were doing is def in the right in that situation, and then his trying to pawn his mistake off on you is just plain wrong...

but the only time u can get ticketed for drivin to far unda da speed limit is on da highway so it doesn't apply in dis situation regardless

going too slow in city limits is called impeding traffic. either way go to court on the citation and explain the situation. if the video from the patrol car shows in your favor then the judge will be on your side.

Shortened Version: Today, a cop rear-ended me. FML

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tell him "practice what you preach, bastard" then refuse to pay up

Right. Good plan! Don't pay, don't show up for court when you are summoned for not paying, and then refuse to go to jail when they pick you up for failure to show up to court. It's a guaranteed success!

It's not the entire departments fault. It is only that one officer and even with just him suing is extreme. The OP just needs to contest the ticket.

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you need to call and talk to his superior he is not aloud to right any tickets at an accident he was in. The accident should have been called in just like any other and he should have had the ticket because no matter what the front driver was doing the driver in rear should be practicing defensive driving and they ALWAYS are the ones that receive a ticket.

The person who hits someone from the rear is not ALWAYS the one at fault. If the person who gets hit cut off the other driver than the accident is his/her fault. It's only in cases such as this one where the rear driver is generally at fault.

I do believe that varies from state to state. in Ohio, if I am remembering correctly, it is always the rear drivers fault, legally at least. this applies even in a situation of the front driver cutting them off.

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exactly in ohio its always the driver in rear thats at fault regardless of any other factors

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yeah, the cops do stupid shit like this all the time. its why theyre called pigs. but you can honestly just fight that in court, and maybe even sue them. make one less dirty cop out there.

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umm can't you dispute this in court? In most cases, the person rear ending you is at fault because they were either a) driving too close and/or b) not paying attention. You could've stopped for any number of legitimate reasons. Sadly this is just another case of a cop abusing his power so he doesn't get reprimanded. Get a lawyer fast OP.

Exactly this. Just contest the ticket. See if the school zone has speed cameras or surveillance (fast, before the tapes are written over). Also note that a cop that writes you a ticket to protect his ass in an accident, will probably lie in court to protect his job. You'll need a good lawyer for this one. Alternatively, just suck it up, realise it'll be hard and expensive to fight, and pay the fine. Whatever world view you subscribe to I guess.

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I agree with fighting this but in the long run think of it this way. you will be spending more money fighting to get the ticket taken off your record and the fee than actually paying a 200+ fine. trust me pay the ticket and move on. the government is effed up and the chances of winning the case is slim... coming from someone who had a similar incident took it to court and lost the case. ended up paying court fee, lawyer and the ticket...

I'm thinking in this case fighting it would probably be better simply because not fighting it admits fault on his/her part, which will likely make his/her insurance rates go up. This is especially true if there is damage on the OPs or the Officer's car. Either way in the long run the OP is going to wind up paying quite a bit because this cop acted like a dick to cover his own ass.

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actually a cop doesn't determine fault in the accident when it comes to insurance companies. dispute the ticket and plead no contest which isn't an admission of guilt but avoids points or traffic school. there is usually a reduced fee for court cost though. next talk to your insurance company and do a claim with them for injuries. if they determine the cop is at fault for hitting you in the back then your rates won't be effected. then find a lawyer to sue the cop and police department for damages and physical damages!! this actually could turn into a big win financially for you if you play your cards right !!! good luck op

There is NO reason to sue the department. The police department is not at fault for what this one cop did. If the OP were to sue anyone it should only be the one officer.

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It's Sunday. There's no school on sunday smart ass

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it takes a while for an FML to get moderated. this probably happened on Friday.

Doesn't mean it happened on a sunday, dumbass.

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No, you would be the "smart ass". u mis-spelled "athletegirl"... Have a nice day 

You* And... maybe he did it purposely. Don't act all clever :P

Or maybe he did it purposely. Don't act all clever :P

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Why exactly do you think "you" needs to be capitalized? You don't capitalize the first word after a comma, dumbass.

Pretty sure you're the dumbass here. He said "You*" because he mispelled "you" and wrote "u" when he was trying to correct someone else's spelling.

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It was probably Sunday school dumb-ass. Catholics exist

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Also, the period goes inside the quoted word.

a school zone is a school zone...doesn't matter what day or time of day, the speed limit is there!!