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Today, after I explained to my waitress that I have an allergy to butter, she nonetheless put some on my baked potato. When I had her get me another, without butter, she came back with one and then asked if I would like butter with it. FML
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CommonSenseKarma 17

It was probably just a mechanical response. When you deal with customer service it tends to happen.


You mean OP is the thickheaded one right? Allergic to butter my ass. You're either lactose intolerant or allergic to a specific compound in butter. I'd say OP is on a diet, or just doesn't like butter, and cries "allergy"! To make sure she doesn't get any.

flohsch 15

61- why do you assume that she is on a diet right away? I've had allergic reactions to a lot of things that I never knew why I had them: popsicles, soaps, lotions. No idea what compounds I was allergic to, but I know that if I swell up like a balloon I won't ever have that anymore. Some of us are just born a little weird.

61, And yet it still didn't work. It doesn't matter if the OP said they had allergies to butter or not, they don't want it! :P

64, well if the OP comes back and corrects me I'll humbly apologize. But, although soaps and lotions have very complex compound mixtures in them, butter does not. Only diary product and oils. So I repeat, she's either lactose intolerant which is not an allergy, or allergic to cow milk protein that necessitates the clean up of the whole workplace there, or allergic to traces of nuts in the oil they use, which also necessitates the clean up of the whole workplace, and she probably can't even eat the baked potato then, depending on which oil they use to bake it. Not specifying to what exactly you're allergic to is stupid and dangerous. 67, do you realize how much more work it is for the cooks to cater to a genuine allergic person? Every person that bluffs having an allergy is one more cook taking shortcuts "because people lie about allergies all the time" and endangering people with real allergies.

knotcool 15

#81: FYI, I don't think you use oil when you bake a potato, at least not the way I do it. I know it's off subject, but just a Little fact I guess.

Yes 81. I'm in the service industry. It's not much harder. Besides it's extra practice for the cooks to "get it right" when it's truly needed. :P

there's always a know-it-all on the internet.

Wow #81. You seem to have it set in your mind that op is lying. I happen to know someone allergic to butter. It's not common but it's extremely likely that op is telling the truth. Anyway, FYL op. Some people just don't understand.

#81, Have you ever actually, I don't know, worked in a kitchen, or in the service industry in general? It doesn't sound like you've actually done so. If this woman ended up having an allergic reaction to the item in question, you know what would have happened? That's right: the restaurant would have been sued, and both the server AND the cook would have been out of jobs for it. In case you didn't know, most restaurants actually post a thing on a wall, and in the menus, to inform your server about any food allergies you have. The fact that the server didn't listen is the server's fault, not OP's fault.

81, let me put it this way for you. People have allergies. You don't know OP, and therefor do not if OP is lying or not. You're being an assfuck. Just stop.

81, would you please tell me what "oils" are used in producing butter? I'm very interested and anxiously await your reply.

#81 - oils in butter? Since when? The butter I have is not made with any oils and neither are other butters I know of to my knowledge. I think you meant margarine which is made up from different chemicals combined. :P

81 is just a dipshit who apparently knows nothing of allergies at all. The process of making butter changes it's enzymatic activities. It's the same concept of people with strawberry allergies being able to eat strawberry ice cream. It's possible the OP is truly allergic to butter and not lactose intolerant. Now get out of your hole of a life and do research before assuming you can seem like an expert on a subject you know nothing about.

rumaihm 7

Guys, no. Waitresses often have a lot on their mind, considering it isn't exactly everyone's dream in life to wait on the public. They often work many tables at once, and it's very possible that many people asked for baked potato. Please be patient, I'm sure it wasn't on purpose.

threer 30

And waiters . >~>~>~>

KVKdragon 26

@62 I vehemently disagree. Seeing as I am a person who has food allergies to eggs, nuts, high soy content, mango, and seafood, these kinds of things should be taken very seriously. That waitress has absolutely no excuse if someone makes a special request like that for a good reason like having a food allergy >:(

Sure you can. You'll just need a gun, plastic tubs, and a little hydrochloric acid. Please don't use it with your bath tubs people.

Redoxx_fml 22

You can't fix stupid seems to be a recurring theme for fmls

106 - People questioning recurring themes seems to be a recurring theme on FML...

Agree, she was probably on autopilot... It is such a routine...

Almost as if someone coated the memory with, say, butter.

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CommonSenseKarma 17

It was probably just a mechanical response. When you deal with customer service it tends to happen.

I don't think you would ignore an allergy that could potentially kill someone even on auto pilot, if she's been a server for a long time this should be ingrained in her brain.

Exactly what I was going to suggest. In her job, she's probably got used to saying phrases like this over and over and it probably just came tumbling out automatically.

I'm sure she is just use to saying it op. probably just a natural reflex for her since she probably asks people that all day

You can tell when people are not committed to their job. I mean, not hearing your customer twice? Bull shit.

it's possible not to hear someone twice. when my guy friend told me he liked me I didn't hear him and asked him to repeat it twice. even then I didn't hear and so I replied with 'yea, it's nice'

I am sure it was a slip of mind for her. When you work you might miss what is being said once or twice. Or maybe she had a short attention span.

hcollins1 18

Maybe it was very busy at the moment and she may have just forgotten. Just by working in fast food, during our rushes, if its very busy sometimes (not all the time) we will forget something for the customer. It happens to the best of us, doesn't mean we're not committed to our job.

Yes, that waitress has a vendetta against anyone who is allergic to butter. What other explanation could there possibly be?

Put her out of her misery, more like. Cruel, cruel butterless world.