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Today, a customer had an allergic reaction to the almonds in the sundae I made for her. We're supposed to put the almonds on unless the customer asks otherwise. She complained to my boss that I'd poisoned her. FML
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She really should have told you she was allergic to almonds. Didn't she see them in the sundae?

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You should know what's in what you're eating. Especially if you have any allergies. That was not on you, OP. You were just doing your job the way you were taught to do it.


Maybe she didn't know you were gonna put almonds on it so she couldn't ask otherwise?

so when you're buying something you don't care about checking what you're paying for? you just assume it's what you want?

customer is a dumb bitch, and I'm sure your boss knows it. don't worry too much. nuts are a common ice cream topping. if she had half a brain, she would have been more diligent.

ikr I have a nut allergy and I ALWAYS check to make sure what I'm buying doesn't have nuts in it

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A couple ice cream stores I've been to asked me if I wanted nuts on my sundae. I thought eveyone asked this question to avoid situations like this.

McDonald's puts the peanuts for their ice cream in separate packages and you have to aak for some to put on your ice cream yourself. I think that's a simple solution to this. Or the customer could say "no nuts, please.", or the person making the ice cream could ask "would you like any nuts on that?" or something. This seems like an easily avoided situation, but at least now they know for next time.

1. it would have said it on the menu if the dessert had nuts 2. on every menu and in every restaurant (in the United States at least) there is a law that states that that restaurant must display the statement, "Please notify server if anyone has a food allergy" (or something to that matter), where it is clearly visible nut-chick is just a dumb bitch

the dumb bitch just wanted someone else to blame for her stupidity. my husband is allergic to celery, so we both read every ingredient lable

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But she ordered an almond sundae lol

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She really should have told you she was allergic to almonds. Didn't she see them in the sundae?

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Op- "Hey, look at these flat, chewy, almondy little bits! ... I wonder what they are..."

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(^ That is of course what the customer said, I was just directing it at the op)

hey, i'll have the nutty surprise." *gives ice cream* *eats* "OH MY GOODNESS! this has almonds?! you poisened me!!!"

2- My thoughts exactly. Almonds aren't hard to miss unless they were broken up and sprinkled on a layer of the sundae and then covered with more ice cream or something.

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You should know what's in what you're eating. Especially if you have any allergies. That was not on you, OP. You were just doing your job the way you were taught to do it.

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I agree. You can't get in trouble for doing your job correctly.

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Meh. If she didn't like nuts in her mouth, she shouldn't have jerked around and came forth to tell you. >-

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wow ur nice -.- retard, y all u peeps have to go out and post mean things! -___-

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What kind of stupid place do you work for? No-ones going to assume that theres almonds on it. That woman does have a right to complain, not particularly about you since you have to do that, but about whoever made up that stupid rule.

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What kind of a comment is that? The customer shouldn't assume that "OH FCK ALMONDS IN MY SUNDAE! MOTHERFCKING CRIMINALS TRYING TO POISON ME!" She should've acted more rational and be more aware of what's in her foodl

I used to work at a Ben and Jerry's place and a woman once sent a really little (About 5) kid over to get his own ice cream. She came back and went batshit at me because I gave him an ice cream that had nuts in it and he was allergic. My response 'He chose it and that was clearly poor parenting on your part. He probably has no idea he can't have nuts, he's 5! If you knew he was allergic YOU should have been supervising him!' Most people I know that have an allergy check EVERYTHING before they buy it!

and this is an example of the stupidity that means some people should not be allowed out on their own

I think they should ask BEFORE putting almonds on the sundaes, it's not OPs fault, but there should be some changes, specially with allergenic products (nuts chocolate fish etc.)

If you are allergic to something, you should always ask. I don't ask a customer, oh you're buying nuts, are you allergic to them? If you have allergies, always ask, don't expect to be asked. As for 8, people like you should be put in a room, never to be let out with stupidity like that.

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Usually the fact that it has nuts of some sort is either in the name or clearly visible in the sales picture. Why should the op have to ask customers if they are stupid enough to order and then eat a potentially lethal food product that is safe for 90+ percent of the population?

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It is the customers responsibility to find out if there are any allergens in the food. Most restaurants have a sign posted stating that if they have allergies let the manager know. I have a gluten allergy and it is MY responsibility to find out if it's safe.

8, shame on you the REAL batman wouldn't side with villainous customers like her, he would side with the employee who got wrongfully accused of poisoning!

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If she has alleegies she should be more aware of what is in her food.