By ohman - United Kingdom - Cardiff
  Today, after having sex for the first time with my girlfriend, I realised I was in love with her. I noticed she had an eyelash on her breast. After tugging it a few times I realised it was actually a single black nipple hair. She was so embarrassed, she kicked me out and now won't return my calls. FML
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  Sir_ND_Pity  |  35

69 - Solve for "girlfriend":

e^(ln(girlfriend)) = e^(love)
girlfriend = e^(love)

But, since love seems to be negative here...

girlfriend = e^(- love)
girlfriend = 1 / e^(love)

If we take the limit of love as it approaches infinity...

girlfriend = 1 / (infinity)
girlfriend = 0

So, in conclusion, OP has no girlfriend :)


I don't understand how you're supposed to bring this topic up to your gf without making her feel self conscious. Personally, I'd want to know if I had hair growing around my nipples xD

  chocolemonade  |  6

Actually, I have a few nipple hairs (I tweeze them) and as 82 said, when you have big boobs/nipples they can be hidden underneath or to the side. Someone looking at them would see them but for the person with the boobs? Almost impossible. I definitely find a few surprise ones every now and again.

  TheZee  |  12

Just make sure that in that text message or voice mail, do not mention how you finally realized you were in love with her *after you had sex* o_O

By  misspulkadot24  |  17

F her life, I'm sure that wasn't the way she wanted things to go her first time with you. Like everyone above me is saying, give her time, let her know you are here for her, even through embarrassing times :)

  Carmstro  |  13

I was thinking the same thing. I remember learning that guys will think they're in love after having sex, because the hormones released make them a lot more emotional.

  billigoat  |  8

85- Oxytocin is released in both man and woman during sex. Also, it IS love. Oxytocin is the same chemical released during birth that causes you to love and care about your child. It's also released during breastfeeding.
So his case is entirely plausable.

  Jennielee  |  6

I was with my boyfriend for a while before we had sex. When we finally did I realized I was in love with him afterwards. We've been married for going on 11 years now. I love him very much and we are still going strong. So, it's not a shallow thing and is completely possible.