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Today, I took my girlfriend to a local drag racing spot to get her more involved with my friends. Her ex showed up and wanted to race me. I won the race, but blew my engine. I had to use his dad's towing service to get my car home. FML
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jaycee1209 5

Darn, what a drag that must have been for you.

From the sound of it, maybe he is in high school.


stephhrunsaway 21

Looks like you blew that chance to impress your gf

Well he did beat her ex, so if anything it shows that he's better at something than him so kinda impressed her, I guess. Not really a way to think optimistically on this one sorry OP.

michaelaranda 28

its not exactly a classy way to impress your gf in the first place. btw op, you're not in high school. you dont have to show up your gf's ex.

From the sound of it, maybe he is in high school.

racing blows engines. it happens the top fuel guys have to rebuild theirs after every track day so im not surprised! at least you won brother!

Guys racing each other is both a stupid and very cliche way to show off/compare dick sizes. Have these guys walk through a spider web and compare their reactions. THAT should determine who's more manly.

Even the manliest man would cringe at that.

#70 Obviously this woman likes gearheads/racers so it actually makes sense to impress her by winning races. I'm assuming she's into racers because her ex and current bf both race. My current girlfriend loves rugby so I enjoy impressing her by winning and scoring try's. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to impress your significant other.

yeah not an internet hipster sir. brother sounds classier.

If a boy went that far to impress me, I would be flattered and absolutely beside myself with joy. I say, nicely done OP.

REALAfroninga 11

I like racing, am I stupid? It's a hobby, it's not some cliché battle, it takes talent and a connection with the car. Next time, don't launch your own opinion on another person, if your opinion is ignorant.

Let's see. My opinion is that random street races are retarded you little ricer, especially those that involve just an added muffler and spoiler. Yeah you're real fast. A real race is something you can do on a track or strip, where it's actual skill and not how much traffic is on the road or the distance of one stoplight to the next. Being the owner of a modded 06 GTO, I'm definitely not ignorant. But thank you for your opinion ricebug.

OP says drag racing spot, to me that implies a legitimate racing area and not a street race. You discounting someone's hobby as a form of penis extension is plain idiotic. Also you saying using that hobby to impress a girlfriend makes them less of a man is also idiotic. If you've never used anything you are skilled at to impress a woman I have to wonder what you do with them for fun.

A drag racing spot can be anything, from a stop sign, stop light, a parking lot, or a legitimate area. It's not referenced, so it's up to assumption. The rest of your post values no comment.

#114 I think you're confusing drag racing with street racing. They're two very different things. Though I'm not much of a petrolhead myself, so I could very easily be wrong.

I know people who consider it both. I just find these guys who are commenting very amusing. Having my GTO in storage right now, I'm no stranger to wannabes at a red light. All too often they have a passenger, be it a girl or guy. So yes, I'm not talking out of my ass with this disdain.

@ambient25, your a ******* fag. This post and your profile make you sound like such a ******* hypocritical wanker it ain't funny. Fck your GTO in your husbands ass!!!!

^he said modded when referencing an American muscle car! well a retry at a muscle car... won't beat the birds!

Hey, at least he wasn't in the same car as you? Not much of a bright side to this one, sorry Op.

Merry Christmas OP and all of the FML community!! Xxx

jaycee1209 5

Darn, what a drag that must have been for you.

yourlifesucksHA 14

You won! You better get some tonight!

christian2234 15

well you got the girl & actually won the race sooo... that's a win!

JMichael 25

Why should you feel the need to impress her?

Because it nevers hurts (minus the engine) to keep things interesting in a relationship. I'd like impressing my boyfriend on a regular basis, why not? Plus after, I'd do the new engine swap with him, it'd be a team building thing ;)

I'm with #12. Real men HATE impressing their girlfriends! Why should our women think we give a **** about what they think of us. Puh-lease! -sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm- -sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm-