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Today, my car was totaled. It was so new, I haven't even made the first payment on it yet. FML
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Call the car dealership and insurance company and tell them you died in the accident. They won't expect payments from a dead person.

Druu 53

Passive voice. Trying to distance yourself and come out blameless? I know that the car didn't up and total itself.


Druu 53

Passive voice. Trying to distance yourself and come out blameless? I know that the car didn't up and total itself.

maybe op got rear ended or t boned. she could very well be blameless. or she could have been the one who caused the accident. maybe we will find out soon.

I had a car that was totaled and I was blameless. The person to blame was the person who rear-ended me at the red light. You shouldn't be so quick to make a judgement when you don't have all the information.

Way to make an assumption eh? We had it happen to us. We had our truck almost exactly 3 HOURS when a guy turned left in front of us even though we had a green light and therefore the right of way. Not only was he cited, but he was also driving without insurance. Our gap insurance covered the truck and we just had to go out and get another one. We did have to pay the deductible and our insurance company has gone after the guy for reimbursement. However, we sincerely doubt they will get anything from the guy.

Speaking as a car salesman, personally, if I was going to finance a car the two products I would get without question (if it was a newer car, especially) are gap insurance and an extended warranty (potentially a key replacement product, as well, depending on the price of keys). Hope you have that in some form, OP!

Call the car dealership and insurance company and tell them you died in the accident. They won't expect payments from a dead person.

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That's called fraud and would land them in jail and out of a lot more money then the car and it's replacement cost

Actually, this is called 'going completely over your head'. If you are dead, you can't make a call! If you did, the dealership would pick up on that fact when 'you' personally call them. This was a joke!

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Tow the car back to the dealership and complain to the manager that the car won't start. Under the lemon law, they must replace your car with a new one.

Some people purchase cars because they LOOK and FEEL nice. This years model has exactly what you want in a car? Wicked! You've saved and gotten EXACTLY what you wanted! Heaven forbid someone liking and wanting what they buy. Not everyone needs just a ride to and from work.

There are some benefits to buying new. Warranty is one of them. We almost always buy new because we get the A plan from Ford. Mine is actually a lease which works for me because I don't drive far to work, I have next to no maintenance costs (free oil changes were written in. Yay me!), and I get a new car every three years.

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If no one buys new cars then there will not be any used ones.

When you buy second hand you are buying someone else's problem.

When you buy used, you're buying a car that likely has been through any major issues it's going to have in its beginning years and will now only have to deal with basic maintenance items. Not to mention the fact that you can get WAY more for your money on the used market, whether it be performance, features, reliability or fuel efficiency. however you do have to be smart on the used market because there's potentially some bad there too. Sources: I'm and auto parts salesman and formerly worked for Honda.

Same happened to me. My poor truck was 2.5 weeks old when i got tboned going through an intersection completely totaling my truck. The Kid (only 17) got 2 tickets as he was at fault. Insurance dragged their feet about getting me my payouts. Hope your insurance cooperates!

Hi everyone, OP here. For brevity's sake I didn't include a lot of information when I wrote this. To answer your questions: yes I'm ok! The other driver is too. I was driving down a back road during rush hour - so traffic was congested but not crazy. The other driver was trying to make a left turn from another side street. They tried to zip through a break in cars and didn't see me and pulled out and collided into my passenger door. They scraped all down the side, which caused my car to spin, land on its side (driver's side), and slide into a ditch. I ended up facing the opposite direction I was driving on the opposite side of the road! I had to climb up through the passenger window to get out. There were several witnesses and the police report dictated the other driver was at fault. She had insurance and they took responsibility. Yes I thankfully had gap insurance! And my car was a 2015, so not *brand* new, but new to me. I had it for 3 weeks. Thank you for everyone's sympathy and concern and the funny comments, and screw you to the sexist ones. Have a good day!

Glad you are okay and the insurance is doing right by you. Been there, done that myself.

I am glad you are okay, I would still be devastated D: I hope all of this goes by as smoothly as possible!

Thank goodness you're ok. Sounds like a bad accident and one where you could've easily been hurt!