By krray


Today, I was walking up the stairs with my lunch behind a heavy co-worker. His arms were full, and step by step, as we went up the stairs his pants dropped a little further. By the time we reached the top, his knickers were below his knees and it was a full moon. I prayed he wouldn't fart on my food. FML
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By  SpaceToast  |  24

Why didn't you bring this to his attention, and offer to hold his items, or something, while he pulls up his pants? I would've been humiliated of I was your coworker D:

By  mariri9206  |  32

Why were you walking directly behind him? Have you not heard of personal space? And did you not warn him about his pants falling down? Sure, he probably already knew but, still, letting him know is the human thing to do and he could've injured himself. Also, why even mention that he's "heavy"? It should have zero relevance. YDI.