By Adoptee - 22/05/2011 23:09 - United Kingdom

Today, after eighteen years of living with my adoptive parents, I met my biological mum for the first time. She's a forty year old, 300lb American woman who wears 'Twilight' t-shirts and will be spending the rest of her visit to the UK trying to find Robert Pattinson. She says I remind her of herself. FML
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if I were you I would thank her for putting me up for adoption

it's neither op's mum ate it


badbe 0

Wonder why she gave you up then, eh?

Flutist 3

Her father was not a vampire.

She couldn't find the right wine to eat her with?

Takador 3

*Britsh accent* Silly Americans with their greasy food!

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wikkedphuka 0

all i can say is this comment is mean as fuk ughh u need ur klit chopped off

Flutist 3

I understand the comment might have seemed mean, but it does kind of make you wonder why the Op's mom gave her up all those years ago? Oh, well, no skin off my back. "All I can say is this comment is mean as fuck. Ugh, you need to have your clit chopped off."

the real FML is that OP is American.

if I were you I would thank her for putting me up for adoption

lmfao_shame 9

amen to that.

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No kidding. Really dodged a bullet on that one.

spasticsam717 9

what has this world come to...

yes I read all of that!

Yeah, I also read all of that!

btnhdude 0

i didn't. maybe I did. what the fuck did you guys read?!?!

btnhdude 0

ooooh you guys read twilight no I didn't read that shit

iamtwiggyme 0

39 yes, if the entirety of Twilight is written on her bathroom mirror.

btnhdude 0

ooh I see your name should be "iamwittyme" instead

I read it too. And I have something clever to go in your box........ (Sorry, too easy!)

nice! and I read it all too xD

you must be mighty sexy then

Ouch, OP. On the other hand, you do have another set of parents who are hopefully less embarressing, unlike most children of Twilight obsessed mothers...

Skelanimal15 0

thats definatly a plus...bc when the OP described her... THE HORROR!!!!!

So is twilight only popular/ hated in America?

lol stupid americans

Why do you think she's that big? She keeps watching twilight over and over.

At least she's not a Glee fan

emmanizzer 6

i looooove Glee! But it's still not as good as Supernatural :)

dolphingirl46559 1

ok im not fat and i like a huuuuuuge fan...and im also a gleek...gleeks r dangerous

So your not chubby, but your a "huuuuuuge" fan? ;p

I feel so bad for you OP. But hey, look on the bright side. At least your biological mother isn't the one that raised you.

bright side. no but it dose sparkle;)

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