By Anonymous - 22/05/2011 20:31 - United States

Today, my toilet decided it wouldn't take any more shit from me, and flooded the bathroom. FML
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finally, a comedian posts something on this site


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Better giving it so much crap.

finally! someone who is good with wordplay.

haha i feel like the wording of this fml got it picked. "today, my toilet flooded the bathroom" is just too plain i guess.

58: You love Hobos now until one beats you, rapes you and then leaves you to die in an alley.

68, did you have a bad experience?

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Well you have been using your toilet like some sort of portaloo! Shame on you!

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keep your shit to yourself next time, OP.

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Hey, Hobos arent the only people that can be rapists! ;)

imacreeper 3

108, you're right! a fenk wanker can be one too!

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That pun was shitty. Haven't you learned anything today?^

That's wrong? Rape is nonconsensual sex. Or something along those lines. Some women, men, whatever, still feel pleasure even if they are being raped.

So do the friers at BK, but you don't see them flooding the bathroom.

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no whopper for you, whiteboy.

umm aren't the friers in the cooking area not the toilets jackass

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#24 your the real whiteboy7thst?!?!

i dont think thats really whiteboy7thst. I could have made my fml account "zzirgrizz" if i wanted...

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whiteboy7thst your vids r awesome

I'm sure whiteboy7thst is playing cod not reading fmls


you guys dont get it. especially u flyboy. whiteboy7thst and zzirgrizz are famous youtubers

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Awww why did #24 get thumbs down??? Awesome joke

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24, I think you missed the point.

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I guess you were in a shitty situation?

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haha 31 I read your comment in the voice of napoleon dynamite(:

just let him think he won... shit he saw me! DONT MOVE, HE WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE YOU IF YOU DON'T!!!

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yea all fmls have those its getting annoying

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nope. piss on the floor(:

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haha a cups more efficient....nice try though :)

OceanBreathesSal 5

138 who exactly are you calling a dumb ass?

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I know it's from south park....that's why I said it

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You obviously haven't picked up on the fact that everyone is making a pun out of this.

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Least you could do is apologize for being full of crap

finally, a comedian posts something on this site

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Oh yeah, you dared me to message and I did. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Yeah the way it was phrased just makes it 100x better :D

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I'm glad someone here does.

Stupid puns are just that, ******* stupid. Saying the OP is In a shifty situation is funny how?

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Happened to me before. It's nasty, I can tell :/