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Today, I was driving with my little brother when out of nowhere he yelled at me to stop. Thinking it was urgent, I slammed my breaks, almost getting rammed from behind. Why did he yell for me to stop? The Pokémon GO said there was a sparrow near us. FML
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First of yes sorry spearow. Second thankfully my brother and I are fine and the guy that was behind us is too, well aside from being beyond pisses off at me he was fine. The reason I slammed my break is because the street I was driving in is infamous for people getting hit because they run across hopping to beat the car and I though I was about to hit a little kid or an animal. When we got home I explained to him how Pokemon is not a good reason to get us kill especially for a simple Pokemon like that one. Don't get me wrong I play the game to and have had some close calls because I wasn't paying attention but none where while I was driving. I mostly walk or ride my bike to go hunting for pokémon

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Gotta catch em all! Seriously though, have a talk with him about this. A sparrow is now worth stopping for.

I really hope someone finds a Snorlax lying on a path somewhere.


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I did the same thing to my husband, but it was on a back road. Glad everyone is okay, OP

Gotta catch em all! Seriously though, have a talk with him about this. A sparrow is now worth stopping for.

Lol no it's not. Now the hundredth pidgey? Stop the car.

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A shiny pinsir is worth it though.

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If you actually played competitively you would know that spearow is not worth stopping for. It's a very common Pokemon that's not even very good.

Fearows can be damn fine if well used, though.

it's still shit in the main series games but then again, Pokemon go is a lot different

He seems like a slowbro, to be honest.

I knew there was gonna be a Pokemon GO FML soon...

Oh there will be many. I only wondered how long it would take for the first to get posted.

My guess is that this is one of the many times something like this will happen… and people won't always stop on time. When will the sheeple realize that Pokémon GO is little more than a thinly veiled partnership between Nintendo and the automotive industry whose aim is to profit without any concern for human life!?! Please, everybody, just open your eyes! You don't gotta catch 'em all!

then you go! go catch the f*ck out of that charizard!

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the game actually has no partnership with anyone besides Nintendo and Niantic (Game Developer), not even Game Freak (original developers of Pokémon). People just find it easier to drive and play then walking and playing. The game was more designed to inspire exercise and, when trading and friends list become available, promote social encounters especially during raids. So you sir need to pull your head out of your conspiracy theory ass, vaccinate whatever kids you have and take in some free knowledge via the internet

Haven't you people read enough of Tripartita's comments to know that he's almost never serious when he posts? I'm disappointed in you guys!

#39, it was a (bad) joke that even referenced the Pokémon tag line. Rest assured, I'm far from able to fit my head up my ass and am still working on standard phallic objects. I will keep you updated if desired.

Ignore them, DraconicFeline! They're plants the Nintendo/Auto partnership hired to silence those who wish to impart TRUE wisdom!

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born_hustla 26

Ok my friend, a wise one you are. But I still like the answer you were given tho lol

I really hope someone finds a Snorlax lying on a path somewhere.

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Lol, I walked all the way to a church for a gym only for the app to disconnect from servers just as I reached it. As I was trying to reconnect, it started raining a little, so I started to head back home...then it started POURING. I walked all the way there just to get wet. no pokemon, no pokestops, no gyms...nothing from that long trip. I collect my pokemon while traveling too. sometimes I gotta decide between pokestops and pokemon while on the train. if only I could tell the conductor to stop...Lol Maybe it's a way to get better map data for free? They need to improve their servers though.

This made me laugh harder then it should of done . I'm glad every one is okay .

be aware of your surroundings and ignore all passengers in the future.

You shouldn't ALWAYS ignore your passengers, there could be a time something serious may actually happen