By Quirk - United States
Today, in class, everyone read my Creative Writing submission. It was a touching story about the unconditional love that exists between dog and his owner. Everybody unanimously agreed that it was probably about bestiality. FML
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By  blastvortex  |  3

What a precious story. Well, companionship never hurts... unless somebody forgot the vaseline... >.<

PS FYI, love isn't really unconditional otherwise it wouldn't matter who or what he/she/it was you have a relationship with. In some ways you might think it is, and in some ways, it might be nice to wish it was (it's a nice ideal in many cases). Ultimately, however, it never really is.


Trust me when I say most of the people commenting know what it is. They just don't know how to spell it.

@mercy - Also, I've been forbidden from watching Beauty and the Beast because of exactly this reason. I'm over 20 years old, mother! I WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE WORLD, DAMN IT!