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  micha090  |  21

Hey you must be really passionate about photograhy. If you are looking at a nude pic of your gf's and still thinking about the nuances of photography, some focus you have got OP.

By  alshygirl  |  14

But maybe when you're done thinking about those things you can just notice the good part about the pic? I personally don't send those types of pictures to someone I'm not in a relationship with but to each his or her own

  Tthug  |  34

You can't just take a shitty photo and make it great. Yeah you can photoshop the hell out of it, but if the starting product isn't decent, anyone with half a brain is gonna be able to tell that it got a photoshop makeover.

Well see the plus side, if she sent nude pictures to someone she is not involved with, chances are it's not going to be hard to get her in bed... Now depends if you're looking for a sex buddy or a girlfriend...

  perdix  |  29

#22, straight men don't automatically love all females' female anatomy. I read this story as suggesting that the anatomy on display was not attractive enough to distract from the other flaws of the photo. Nudes are difficult pics -- that's why you don't see too many normal people in porn.

By  jerryj  |  27

If you're still not turned on after touching up her photo, I highly recommend photoshopping her torso onto other animals and objects. It worked for me, as I discovered that I'm really into centaurs!