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  holly_fly  |  34

No, ugly people are bad people, and pretty people are too. DUUUHHH. Everybody knows average looking, and ONLY average looking people can be good people.

*heavy sarcasm*

  AznLuvsMusic  |  26

People actually believed stuff like this in the 1870's. They identified criminals based on their physical characteristics. So back then, ugly people were supposedly bad people.

Perhaps OP's boyfriend is a time traveler from the 1870's since he seems to believe such a dumb thing.

By  soodytheboi  |  23

Your date (hopefully ex) is like Donald Trump, in that when he says something very insulting, he tries to make it into a compliment, and miserably fails.

You can do much better and will do much better OP.
As for Trump, we're kinda fucked.

By  Fed21  |  16

You surely do deserve someone who genuinely appreciates you....I'd suggest you to dump him,he doesn't sound worthy anyway.Best of luck to you OP

By  Etweens96  |  24

Sounds like the guy who said to me "I'm surprised the nerds don't go after you." Seriously??? Cut your ties with him cause he sounds like he's not too bright

  Rababco  |  29

He could've meant that you were intelligent since nerds generally value intelligence and knowledge. It doesn't mean he thought you were ugly.

By  IsathatSo  |  8

Kinda get what the guy was saying but he said it very poorly
I think he's saying that if you're ugly than that makes you grouchy-stingy (not always true though)
And if you're to pretty that makes you better than everyone (not always true though)
At least your decently looking and looked upon as a general good character