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By jruth7 - 15/05/2011 04:49 - United States

Today, after being in Europe for a month, I got home to find my door wide open and all my stuff gone. I called my dad who was supposed to be watching my house. He told me I should have had someone check on my place while I was gone. FML
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17, thanks for the info. I'll be stopping by tomorrow.

Shame your father wasn't home when the burglars came calling, then they might have stolen him too, if you were lucky.


in Canada I leave the front door unlocked all day long.. no one ever comes in.. differences between USA/CAN

17, thanks for the info. I'll be stopping by tomorrow.

gotta love a bit of "my nation is better than yooouuurss :p"

in Japan we invite burglars in for a cup of tea and some sushi

In Minnesota we don't need security. We have snow. Try breaking in when there's a 5 foot snow drift in front of the door. That's right. You can't.

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Your dads either an IDIOT or an ASSHOLE well BOTH!!!

In Oklahoma there is a bunch of crazy drunks (specially in my town) so it's usually a good idea to lock one's door :)

In New York, you should have at least 2 locks, and a security guard is recommended.... Yea nothing special here :P

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Here in Eugene OR we leave it unlocked. nothing has ever happened

69- I concur also, your my favorite number OP should have locked the door and left the house with someone reliable. also to 17 I live in canada and if I left my door unlocked I prolly wouldn't live thru the night... you must live in Nunavut or some shit

In California, my chihuahua will attack anyone who breaks in!!

in California its mostly a bunch of broke teenagers who r just looking to make a few bucks so they can get there next fix most arnt really experienced so a simple lock will confuse the hell outa them

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Don't even get me started with vegas...

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Don't even get me started with vegas...

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Don't even get me started with vegas...

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Don't even get me started with vegas...

I live in Utah, and Mormons don't steal, only thing you have to keep your door locked for is the missionaries.


in canada, we have 10 foot dnow drifts covering up everything soo. citrus girl.

Yeah, the dad is kind of a selfish jerk. *sneeze*

Now that we've all got that out of our system *dies*

I'm sorry for the corniness. I just like putting whatever I'm doing at the time I'm typing in between two asterisks. *flies away*

Seriously, who does that anymore? I mean- *goes into cardiac arrest*

fags *cough* *sneeze* *die* *fly* *carddiac arrest* ;D

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"should have someone checked on my place" I don't understand this part

I think OP meant "should have had someone check on my place."

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Our mistake! I hope that helps! ;-)

"Hope that helps" meaning that she fixed the typo that got through the Mods on the final check before posting. At least that's what I got out if it. :)

that would really suck if that happened to me

Time to drop someone off the family tree, it seems. It's clear he doesn't care, darling...

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Estate sale happening in the alley behind Walmart. cash only sale. all sales are final.

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Wouldn't have prevented you from getting robbed anyway.

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I know how to spell at least, idiot.

I actually agree, if his dad was there it would have been extemely unlikely but even if the door was locked someone could just kick it in, you would be surprised how little some people notice.