By Anna - 02/07/2016 21:08 - United States - Lake City

Today, I was looking at dating profiles with my single friend, trying to find a guy for her, and we found my husband's profile. FML
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Set them up on a date and confront your husband with it

Sounds like he'll be able to put that profile to use sooner rather than later. Get out OP, you deserve so much better!


Hopefully you plan on having a serious talk with him. Unfortunately there's a good chance it won't work out and he's just going to come up with an excuse. I wish you the best, OP. you deserve better <3

Sounds like he'll be able to put that profile to use sooner rather than later. Get out OP, you deserve so much better!

they both do, she was looking at people too

She was looking for her friend

MallowMistress 13

She was with her friend, on her friends profile, looking through men. She did nothing wrong, and either way they would have found the profile.

@6 You might want to reread the post again and carefully this time. She was looking to find a date for her friend.

Set them up on a date and confront your husband with it

Sounds like the start of a new reality TV show.

Make a profile and ping him...better still let him find it..

saffy66 34

Before you jump straight to the obvious conclusion, consider that many profiles on dating sites are set up by scammers using stolen photos. You need to check this out. Don't say anything you can't unsay till you're sure it's really him. Many scammers are from foreign countries and their English is a little 'off'. Maybe set up a fake profile and send a message. See what he says. If he arranges a meeting, go - and confront him. But have a friend nearby in case it goes pear-shaped, or someone other than him turns up.

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OP can just find out if he has to go somewhere on the day of the planned meeting, at that time....instead of risking showing up herself. And he doesn't seem to have anywhere he needs to be, then it might be best to notify the police instead.

species4872 19

Is that from experience?

I've had it happen to me.

Be wary, but don't jump to conclusions. It's possible that it's a scammer, his sibling/"friend" trying to play a prank on him, etc. If there has been no recent activity and/or the account is very old, it might be even an account he made before you got together, and he has entirely forgotten about.

Why are you bringing good sense to a lynching?

Fyl indeed op so sorry you found out this way that your husband is a piece of shit!

epicgamer 18

**** you for assuming

AlittleSanity 11

Is it possible this is an old account that your husband set up before you were married and it was just left online?

She probably was too distracted by the fact she found her husband on a dating site she didn't bother to check when it was made

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sometimes, people make dating profiles to make friends. its possible.

There are non dating sites to find friends, like It is purely for finding groups that share your interests. No dating.

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I've always found those people 'only looking for friends' on dating sites are full of it. It's a dating site. Make friends on Meetup, or Facebook, or at school or work.

excuses, excuses.. There are much better ways to meet and find a friend. Yah ever heard of actually going outside? Go volunteer, attend a Tea with Strangers meetup, connect with old friends you haven't seen in a while... so many possibilities, if you only look around.

What you do is have your freind date your husband. then confront him after the date.