By veggiepower11028 - 31/05/2011 12:02

Today, I told my boyfriend that I love him. He responded with, "That's nice. You know what I love? Chicken wings. Let's go get some." Apparently, he doesn't remember I'm a vegetarian either. FML
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KFC!!!....... I could never be a vegetarian!!

I am literally salivating over the thought of wings.

I'm hungry now damn no wings in the fridge!

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I'd be a vegetarian without KFC!!

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Usually FMLs like this piss me off because in most cases, the OP doesn't have a very good sense of humour..but damn, that's just rude.

What are you all talking about KFC? Buffalo Wild Wings is way better. Asian zing and parmesean garlic sauce are the best.

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And your still dating this dumbass why?? Next

he never said that you had to eat any of them. be honored that he invited you to go with him on a chicken run.

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Eww, KFC? Really? **** that, get some REAL wings or learn how to make your own! BDubs IS good. Just my opinion but there is a huge difference in quality.

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maybe it's time to dump him..

No wonder, your in Canada. I bet all the veggie heads here are pissed about that.


89, my god I love your top in that picture.

"PETA's are all just gangsters with hard-ons for nature and just 'cause they got molested we all shouldn't eat meat.."

97 Do you ever look at your comments before you post? Your such a bitch and thats why nobody likes you. On every FML theres your comment with the most thumbs down.

Must be that eye pouring into everybody's soul. That, or she posts before she thinks.

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Was anyone else reminded of that episode of that 70's show where Donna tells Eric she loves him and he responds by saying "I love... Cake." Anyway, I don't get why people are saying you should break up with this guy over this. I mean first off it seems like a joke. And why is it that every time there's a FML including a boyfriend and a girlfriend there's always like, 20 people saying LOLOLOL BREAKUP OVER THIS ONE INCIDENT, CLEARLY THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO EVEN THOUGH I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP LOLOLOLOLOL

97 and 134 it's ******* 'YOU'RE' you fucktards

116- Real Wings? You mean like Red Bull?

do you guys know what KFC does to their chickens?! look it up, you'll learn something.

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so totally and completely true.. 45 cent wing Tuesday is wut I live for:))

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you don't love him OP... teens don't know what love is, well the majority of people don't. they get confused

wow, wow I didn't even post ^ that there

attention, disregard all comments from me on this fml. my iPod was taken.

The only thing he probably remembers is her breast size.

No, he needs 10% Luck and 20% Skill, possibly 15% Concentrated Power of Will

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'That's just sounds stupid' Oh the IRONY!

^that is mines favorutists commend ov al time! (but seriously, it is)

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Wow that sucks, he doesn't seem to care...

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lol no he seems really sincere and loving

Must... not... correct bad grammar.... It's okay, I got it under control.

Wow shut the **** up. nothing wrong bieng a vege.... Its our life stule which is healthier.

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healthier if you want to grow breasts and lose your penis.

177 it's arguable about whether or not vegetarian lifestyle is healthier because meats give us essential fats and other just depends on how you grow up. if you're used to eating vegetarian foods and automatically eat a lot of meat, you may get sick and if you eat a lot of meat then suddenly turn vegetarian you could get sick too. I don't think one way is any better than the other.. but no one should attempt drastic changes in diet.

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@256 either can be healthy. the difference is vegetarianism usually requires more focus and attention on what your intakes are to make sure you arent deficient in a number of things, the opposite is true for meat eaters. theres nothing vegetarian diets cannot get that meat diets can. a drastic change may not be a good idea, but its not a bad idea to shift towards a healthy diet. simply saying "ive always eaten like this" isnt a good enough reason to keep doing it.

Bieng a vege isnt thar hard. Its just that you need will power. i saw vidoes of slaughter houses which are so cruel.... Who would want to eat meat after that? Only insane people.

Time to fly away from your chicken of a boyfriend.

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If you believe chickens can fly, they will.

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The person you replied to said that her boyfriend is a chicken and she should fly away from him, and since chickens can't fly then he can't follow. Deep.

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actually they can and do for short distances. ever had a flock of chickens fly at your head? I have!

Or on Legend of Zelda when you pick up a chicken and jump off of cliffs! Good times.

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Awww, that's just cruel. But then again, I really freaking love chicken wings too. :)

YDI for being a vegetarian. Maybe if you would share in his interests and not try to stand in his way of delicious chicken wings, your boyfriend would love you too.