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By Z…… - 08/08/2023 06:00

Today, my boyfriend spent half his paycheck on gourmet steaks, bacon, and all sorts of other meat. When I reminded him we were trying to go meatless to help the planet, he said, "Yeah, I'm done with that. The planet can burn." We'd only been vegan three days. FML
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mccuish 25

You can’t force your boyfriend to live without meat

I'm guessing it was your idea, not his. I can get an electric car and rely on wind solar and batteries for power. But if I have to give up meat to save the planet, let's just go for extinction!


I'm guessing it was your idea, not his. I can get an electric car and rely on wind solar and batteries for power. But if I have to give up meat to save the planet, let's just go for extinction!

mccuish 25

You can’t force your boyfriend to live without meat

The subject is more complex than it looks, and your boyfriend is right and wrong here. So yes, red meat is extremely bad for the planet, because in addition to the direct pollution generated by the animals themselves, there is also all the pollution made by the production of food for them and the fact that they must be brought there. If it’s low-quality meat, chances are the animals were fed soybeans planted on cleared parts of the Amazon rainforest, which is one of the worst things possible for the planet. However, the "gourmet" meat is supposed to come from a more reasoned breeding, and therefore much less bad for the planet than the industrial meat, while still remaining more polluting than the vegan and vegetarian diets. What you can do here is find a compromise: you continue to eat meat - or he continues if you really decide to stop - but only good quality meat from reasonable farms, and not more than once a day.

anonnymouse1812 7

you honestly have no idea what you’re talking about if you think veganism saves animals. where do you think they are gonna plant that “food”? whats gonna be sprayed on it. and how many acres of land that HAD cows will have to be taken over to convert it to that crap. how many cows will have to be killed to prevent overpopulation in the areas they COULD be in after all that. in the long run veganism shit is what will cause animals to go extinct. coz those slaughterhouses contribute to the cows and pigs and chickens offspring so they wont go extinct. please be more informed before you try to explain things like that. because some people read stuff online and just automatically take their word for it. so i encourage people to take what i say with a grain of salt and do the research yourself too

Did you just seriously argue that slaughterhouses prevent the extinction of animal species, because they breed lots of animals for meat??? OMG! That might have been the funniest thing I've read all day. One thing: you are wrong! Animals that are bred in captivity generally become their own species over time, because we promote genetic traits that are beneficial to us. Like wild salmon and bred salmon are 2 different species. So you can't maintain the original species with bred in captivity for profit. You will be creating a new species. But even if it was true, that's still a freaking funny thing to argue. Can you say it with a straight face in real life??? "You know, slaughterhouses are good for the animals, because they prevent species from dying out!". You might have just made my week. This was fun. I like laughing. Cheers to you!

Plus, I wasn't talking about saving animals. I was talking about impact on the environment. I wasn't even promoting veganism, as I still eat meat 3 to 4 times a week. But you had to try to genuinely acknowledge (not automatically agree, just a knowledge) what someone says instead of just thinking with your stomach before making an answer.

Well, he was correct in his first point, you know the VERY BADLY explained one (the absolute irony of judging someone for their explanation when that is your version of correctly informing). The animals we breed in captivity eat a very efficient type of crop. Low in water, land or time needs. It grows like weed and we can feed a lot of animals with it efficiently, we can NOT use those crops for humans. The crops that are required for veganism, requires a lot of water, other types of resources like sun and are typically very space inefficient. So if we decided to globally go vegan tomorrow, we would starve to death, because we don't have enough space on earth to grow the necessary crops to feed everyone a healthy vegan dieet. You need protein, B12, fats, ... That's A LOT more space that the animals currently occupy themselves AND their food. He was correct about that.

bmepm3 8

Wow. Just wow. Say you don’t know any about farming and food production. It would be shorter. I’m too speechless to even correct you, as you are so far wrong you wouldn’t listen anyway.

that's what you get for trying to force vegan (which is a Very extreme change) on a meat eater. if you want to change your diets, you need to start slow. like make a really, and I mean Really tasty vegetarian dish once a week. also more chicken and fish. I'm telling you he's gonna be a hard nut to crack and may never change. YDI for doing it cold turkey hahaha

YOU have the right to go vegan. you do not have the right to make HIM go vegan.

if you think you not eating meat will save the planet your an idiot. I'm with your boyfriend let it burn lol

The sad thing is, doing everything we can on a personal level is going to have a minimal impact. Emissions standards imposed on the heaviest polluters, mostly big corporations, and meaningful transition to large scale renewable energy, is the way to go, but they’ve done a lot to optically shift the burden onto the general public as individuals. Realistically, until the goals I mentioned above are at least a priority, on a personal level I say do whatever the hell you want.

so much this! us the little people aren't the problem, it's corporations

how is going vegan going to save the planet!?!?!?!

YOU wanted to go vegan. Not him. Don't force that sort of thing on someone because it won't work. Ydi