Hey everyone! I'm the lucky accidental cave explorer and I'm also alright from the fall, just a little bruised. It is a beautiful cave and, as soon as I can find the time, I'm going to go back into it and see if it connects to the 2 other caves on my property. The irony of the situation is that I was part of a Caving Grotto where I live and had just come out of another new cave just a couple hours before this happened. To answer a question I saw, I happen to rock climb as well, so getting out of the cave wasn't as rough as getting into it lol.

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Sounds like the start of an awesome movie series to me...

Great to hear! But...you didn't find Batman? :/


Sounds like the start of an awesome movie series to me...

I'm really wondering what was in that cave now.

Plot twist: It was the lunar landing set, abandoned since 1969.

OP will find a radioactive meteor that gives her telekinetic powers.

Or OP will roll around in toxic sewage and gain telekinetic radiation poisoning

Nah, just open the console and type "tgm"

Yay fallout references. Who wants 4 to come out

For those who dunno, "tgm" was how you enable God Mode on the PC

Luckily, OP didn't have to endure 127 hours.

#1 or the beginning of a supernatural episode.

Chronicle, perhaps...?

You found the bat cave!

Quick, Robin! To the batmobile!

Why do we fall Bruce?

I guess Alfred will need to find a new job. (again..)

"Alfred, we're close right? After all of these years, would you tell me if this suit made me look silly?"

hello Mr.Wayne

Master Wayne*

*Master Shake

Just be happy you didn't fall into a bear cave or anything else. With that being said, #1 has a point. Send the script up to the directors for the movie shoot! :D

no point its been done already

33 - and has that stopped Hollywood before?

At first I thought you said beer cave.

See the movie Chronicle

They already have an Alice in wonderland


I think it's trying to communicate with us

It was an attempt at the Batman theme you dimwit. Also, try an original comment next time not one that's use on literally every post on FML.

Batman? Cave? Couldn't put the two together?

Wait I got it...Batman + cave = Caveman. Was I right?!

I bet that felt lovely. I hope you're okay!

I'm imagining you submitting this from the cave just waiting for help to arrive. "Oh, look at that I get 4g in here. Well I'm going to be down here awhile, might as well keep busy."

This is why jogging is bad for your health

Falling into caves, and don't forget serial killers.

Count your blessings OP, at least you lived to tell the tale

Welcome to Wonderland!

Just find the White Rabbit and the Knave of Hearts and you're all set.