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By ronnieG - 16/07/2013 16:06 - United States - Decatur

Today, my wife and I were having a fight, when she grabbed my car keys and threw them over into the neighbors overgrown junk yard. My car is a restored '59 Belvedere and the keys can't be replaced. I've been looking for hours and I still can't find them. FML
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Nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned!

wow shes crazy. make the bitch dig for them


Nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned!

If a guy threw his wife's stuff over, the FML community would be telling her to leave him(which is good advice). However, since it's a woman who threw her husband's stuff, it must be ok. Nice double standard. Anyone who resorts to throwing/breaking possessions is not worth staying with, man or woman. Adults use words, not physicality.

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The Justice League uses physicality, and they're the best adults ever.

pazuzus_intern 10

Why don't you find an FML where an identical situation happened except that the genders were reversed, and bring the comments to support your claim? Or perhaps stop stirring the shit pot? I don't think anyone brought up a gender issue here.

Where emotions are involved tempers flare. He should forgive her because if she had meant to be spiteful she would have keyed his car. Clearly she expected him to find the keys and just be annoyed for a little while.

tjv3 10

Any key can be replaced. Or get an original ignition from the Internet

97 the "original ignition from the Internet" ISN'T THE ORIGINAL IGNITION FROM THE CAR! This FML is crushing to anyone who knows anything about vintage cars. FYL OP

powerhunger... Your name really suits you by the way... I don't think anyone here thinks what the woman did is ok, so I've no idea where you're getting that from? You only have to look at the amount of "I agree, your life sucks" compared to YDI to see that.

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The only thing more dangerous than a woman scorned is a man who has someone mess with his vehicle!

Teddzz 19

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I wonder what the fight was about, though I doubt OP will share (too private). Use a metal detector, and be glad she didn't key the car and throw the keys down the drain.

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Allennis44 16

Every guy in the world tends to disagree with you

A metal detector in a huge junkyard? VERY smart idea.

"Whoopee! I've found them! Oh wait.. Just a bean tin :("

A metal a junk yard....seriously?

wow shes crazy. make the bitch dig for them

1) Try posting the actual comments and explaining how they prove your point rather than just listing them. It would make way for an actual discussion.? 2) 14 comments are the general consensus? 3) I'll call out a logical fallacy when one exists 4) Speaking of logical fallacies, you're allowed to generalize against men("I've seen your type before") but when I make a comment about women it's sexism? Thanks for proving my initial point.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Obvious Powerhungry troll is obvious.

76, 1) Explain how they are condemning the woman then 2) Translation: there are only 14 comments but I can't let him know that, so I'll just call him lazy 3) So what you said before wasn't ad hominem? Right. 4) I like to stir shit? You're judging this from a sample size of 2 comments? You seem to have a tendency to judge things based on small sample sizes. Your last sentence basically says: I can't form a decent argument so I'll just repeat what I said earlier without explaining it. 79, yep, when you irrationally disagree with someone but can't form a counter argument, call them a troll. That always works.

shit! you have totally lost me!! your starting to eat your own crap...just accept defeat and go home powerhunger...go hoooommmmeeeee!!!

To be fair here guys, power hungry, you have a point, I've seen it before, women often scold men for things they don't like, then when men find something they don't like, they cannot blame women for it. Unfortunately you should retract your earlier statement of confirmation bias as this is what your doing. As for youaremyprey , calm down, no need to fight, he's fresh blood! Welcome him to the community. We all make mistakes.

Try using a metal detector? Good luck finding them, OP.

Junk yard probably means it is full of old vehicles, so a metal detector would be all but useless.

Or go out there with a magnet. Won't beep at everything, but will pick up smaller things

What were fighting about that made her do such a horrible thing?!

mif_fml 27

He gives too much attention to the car instead of her.

Merylwen 24

You can't say that when you don't even know what they were fighting about. Plus she probably didn't think the keys would be so hard to retrieve.

13, how about contain the fight and not going physical, i know it's hard to control the anger at the heat of moment, but breaking/tossing shit doesn't help the case at all, it only makes it worse

^^^^Dude, Youre like 5, you're not supposed to know those kind of words.

zero4life123 7

Hey op if you can't find your keys most of those cars can be start with a screw driver or some other tool that can fit in there.

You don't shove a screw driver into a classic. Just no.

beastiness 14

Ya you can its called punching the ignition and it ruins it, my recommendation would be to see about a new ignition if he can't find em

102-No, it's a classic. You don't subject it to that kind of treatment

TheDrifter 23

It's not a matter of can, it's about shouldn't. Ever. Mismatched or reproduction ignition and locks puts a rather sizable dent in the value of a classic. Especially if OP was trying to keep it all original. An all original, numbers matching car is worth twice to ten times what an aftermarket restoration is.

zero4life123 7

Good lord. With any cars made before 1972 had a real basic turn switch in the ignition anything the same thick ness or width would be fine and wouldn't harm the car at all, probably using the key would do more damage. I own 3 different classics (68 mustang 69 charger, 69 camaro. I can use my charger key to turn on my mustang, and same way around. Don't question me on classic cars.

beastiness 14

I wasn't saying do it I said it would ruin the car and yes after factory ignition would wreck the value but at least it would be drivable

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So op should hit her because she threw he's keys? Seems legit. Besides we don't know why they were fighting, for all we know he could have deserved this.

I'm not saying he should but I could almost understand if he did I mean whatever he did how immature do you have to be to do that you don't mess with a car like that...

acerredrum 23

I couldn't almost understand it. This may be a difficult concept to grasp since we've only been taught it since we were two but, "Don't hit." Unless someone hit you first there is no reason to lay your hands on them.

Wowxoxo 17

What's more important, your wife and her safety or your vintage car? Don't hit her. Talk to her; maybe you'd make her feel guilty and she'd help you look for the keys OP

Chellybelly92 14

I you are going to hit someone over materialistic things you are just as immature.

89- materialistic things? A classic '59 belvedere isn't just a little tinker toy that you can play with. Now I'm not saying OP should go all UFC on his wife, but a classic like that isn't just a "materialistic thing".

Why don't couples just fight it out with words? Why do humans always incorporate throwing, breaking and smashing things? It blows my mind.

Instinct, pretty much. Throwing/breaking things can be a demonstration of our strength and fitness, both of which were used to ascertain dominance in societies long before reasoning and conversation came into existence.

Words can be more hurtful that's why. You can replace a blender but you can't take back a single word.

ironik69 31

Not to mention, when one persons vocabulary is significantly larger than the others. The other person won't understand and that just makes things worse.