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Today, after 3 years at my job I received a 14% raise. I was informed I will be transitioned from hourly to salary. I will now be making $1500 LESS than I made last year. FML
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Start stealing office supplies and sell them on the black market to regain the money you lost. It's the only way, I'll pray for you.

At least you have a job, and are still making money.


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It's unfair. I would quit depending on the salary.

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^ $1500 isnt anything to you?

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You just answered your own question. It's USA, they do whatever the **** they want. They take hard earned money and give it to lazy people. Sorry that was irrelevant. 'EMERICA!!!

and she doesn't have to accept the offer. they can't force you to. it's your right. unless your country is really screwed up.

me to 94. states is ****** especially ther government. they don't give a **** about anything or anyone just themselves and ther money. to bad money is a man made object that WE put a price too. Revolution.

Not really, At least that pay is guaranteed while the hourly isn't.

At least you have a job, and are still making money.

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Its not a raise if u make less dumbass....

if you paid any attention, OP got a raise, then switched to salary from hourly. so technically, OP did get a raise. then pretty much demoted. so, dumbass, read in chronological order.

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probably no more overtime, no extra time etc

well hopefully you get paid well at your job and the 1,500 you can "spare" to give up... Other wise just ask your boss to keep you on your regular payment.

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aww maybe you should find a new job:)

Your boss was probably sick of paying you overtime. Either way you'll survive.

hey who cares if you make less, you got a raise.

if OP makes less then the fact that she got a raise is irrelevant. OP made more money without the raise than with it since they changed her pay.

I was trying to help OP look on the bright side, by stating that atleast the company thought they could pay the OP more money than they currently are even though it is less...which still confuses the heck out of me right now -_-

so whats the difference between salary and an hourly wage?

one you get paid a certain amount no matter how many hours you work which is salary and the other you get paid depending on how many hours you work which is hourly

ohhh. like an engineer vs an electrician

Or a teacher over a fast food worker... Some electricians might get a salary so...