By leeseyxoxo - 27/03/2011 06:10 - United States

Today, I learned, 15 years later, that my puppy from when I was 4, was not taken by Santa because he was in need of a reindeer. My parents took him to the shelter because they thought he was ugly. FML
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PSQ91 6

And you still believed that Santa story until today?

didn't you work out a puppy can't be a reindeer ....


Have you noticed it's women mainly venting their PMS? Doesn't bother me, it's just odd how many women post their problems here.

nah, what gets me is, I'm assuming op eventually found out about Santa before she was 19 by saying this, is that she didn't assume something was up when she did in fact find out...

35- men can't really vent their PMS since they don't have one. Just saying :P

sombodys a mr cranky pants it least pre k era don't cure at u o ya srry bout ur parents they probably luv u lil ur crud

Hayman68 4

Can someone please translate what 60 just said?

Gondile 4

I'm sorry 60, I don't speak retarded.

60, learn to spell before you post a comment. Or go take an English class. Now.

hippiechick91 0

60, I'm sorry I don't speak retard. Translation?

111, aww your parents didn't teach you?

fthku 13

60, I'm sorry, I don't sp- what? oh? 100000000 people have already said something similar and it's annoying when people keep saying it anyway?

*watches the firing squad take out #60* can someone pass the popcorn?

after spending years in the American southern states as a missionary I learned to speak fluent retard. 60 basically said someone was in a bad mood and that she needs to learn how to hold a camera.

hotscar 3

can people please stop using retarded to describe someone?

countryboyj17 0

no, that would require them to in fact not be retarded themselves.

Lol, 129 but seriously 60 wasted like 4 seconds of my time that I'm not getting back of whatever language it's speaking.

lizzilla8297 2

you still believed that when ur 19?

it took u 15 YEARS to figure that out?? Smh

Dear 141, you stole my line, and there was no combo to break. Nice try.

I'm Italian and that sounds more like asswipe

xxcobra14xx 0
A7X_LoVeee 10

No it isn't. It's sad! OP's parents are dicks.

avatar0810 15
PrincessesCrown 17
tnfan5594 0

he absolutely ruined that car, smileeee

tell me again how I am mean and this isn't funny?? because I find it pretty funny how stupid they Are for believing it for this long

Blehhxx 0

Seriously. atleast the parents take them to the shelter if they were ugly. atleast I hope so.

countryboyj17 0

true. true. they better watch out, then!

didn't you work out a puppy can't be a reindeer ....

yeah but as he got older wouldn't he have figured it out?

Or at least by 9 she would know that Santa does not exist.

Schlimpikins 0

Santa has magic powers, so, ya know... pretty sure he can make a dog into a reindeer... magic... put that in your juice box and suck it

account_name 0
kamiicult 0

she probably dint even think about it even after she knew santa didn't exist

cupcake112397 0

the profile pic scared me I like jumped when I saw it lol

countryboyj17 0

didn't you work out to not cover your face with the flash of your camera? there's your answer..

alizzette_nabash 6

yeah but then she is now 19... not so stupid anymore. "just found out"?

alizzette_nabash 6

yeah but then she is now 19... not so stupid anymore. "just found out"?

he/she was 4 years old at the time. I don't think they would figure it out

Unlucky1232 20

maybe it changed meaning. Could be that OP originally thought that but eventually thought that's how her parents told her that her puppy died.

PSQ91 6

And you still believed that Santa story until today?

I thought the same thing. Secondly, did the parents actually give him a reindeer?!

Iknoweverything 29

My guess is that OP didn't think about it very hard until recently when a parent mentioned it. It happened when they were four. I really wish there was a "like" button for this site, I loved this one

Just re-read it, just got the bit about the reindeer.... Well when OP found out Santa wasn't real didn't he think something was up?

toddlesscott 0

oh yea she's ten yet had a puppy 10 years ago...

Jesus, maybe op didn't think about the puppy until recently.

1234USMC 0

man that sucks. 15 years ago though not much you can do other than get over it.

And you know. Showing off your dog is gonna help. Lol

That's mean of them. Poor ugly doggy

SunshineBoy21 0, it's poor ugly reindeer doggy.  OP - please learn a valuable lesson here - don't be a shitty parent! I'm sure that all of us, at one time or another, has had our parents do something so boneheadedly stupid that we would say 'FML' but, it's how you choose to deal with it and grow from it, that defines you as a person! You're 19 now, you know that was crazy wrong of them, tell them how you feel - and move on.

you thought 15 years, that santa took your dog? Oo Anyway, stupid reason to give away a dog or any animal. I hate it when people buy pets and give them away just like they were some "things" you get at a store and not really a living being. Very immature and horrible, I don't say **** your life, since it doesn't sound like you suffered too much from it, but had a nice idea with it as a child, but I say **** your parents, they suck

I doubt OP believed it for 15 years. My guess is that she didn't believe that story for a couple of years, but didn't take the effort of asking it till now. I also think OP suffered from it, I simply can't imagine any 4 year old who would absolutely not care about a missing pet. OP, your parents are ******-up.

I think OP believed it when she was younger and 15 years later asked her parents what really happened to her dog.