By panos016 - 15/07/2011 13:51 - United Kingdom

Today, after 14 rice-filled days in China, I came back home. What's for lunch? Rice. FML
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SugarCrazy 14

Why don't you get off your ass and make something else, then?

killabb23 0

I've been eating rice my entire life.. it's not that bad.. We Spanish people love rice lol 18 years of rice right here!


TheBeastiest 6


What an intelligent way to get first comment and quickly by saying "lol". I hope you're so proud of your failtastic achievement.

Hoarr 0

Rice is good. :(

flockz 19

so are pancakes.

keep it uo for a few more days and you'll have a va-China...

I'm guessing you guys never eat the type of chinese food us americans love to take out. Pork fried rice.. yum...


you dont have to eat it...

that's what she said.

AbuelaGrande 0

I make this for my grand children and all they kids in my pueblo and in my village they come

/ the hell? what kind of rice to?

they didn't have noodles?

really? wow i never knew that people ate rice in China.

iLove2LoveU 0

good one!!!!! *sarcasm*

No, they eat cats.

2--- really? wow i never knew that you were so dumb towards other cultural.

Sarcasm for life. seriously if you dont understand this youre kinda stupi

well I would call them stupid not stupi.

hooray for sideways vaginas

killabb23 0

I've been eating rice my entire life.. it's not that bad.. We Spanish people love rice lol 18 years of rice right here!

Yeah I like rice too and I'm Spanish. We must be twins!... also me and my Chinese friend noticed Spanish people and Chinese people are very alike. (Well some other Asians are alike Spanish people too.) :D

Canchan 12

Same here except I'm from good ole' Louisiana!! A lot of our dishes have rice in them so either you're miserable or extremely happy (I am; I love rice)

MrSexyPants 14

Same here 33! I had red beans and rice yesterday!

AbuelaGrande 0

Ay, me gusta

only us Indianians have corn.... ; - ; so left out.

Spanish race is the only rice I'll eat :)

Spanish race is the only rice I'll eat :)

I think I would be able to tolerate Spanish rice a lot longer than white rice. Not as bland and salty.

We eat rice all the time in Hawai'i too! :D Sushi, Musubi and can't forget the Loco Moco.

Pasta all the way!;) I'm italian:) but OP if you don't want rice get off your ass and make something! FYL life bc obviously your lazy. Unless for some crazy reason you can't make anything else, then I'm deeply sorry.

I like molokhia...Arabs are so left out

SugarCrazy 14

Why don't you get off your ass and make something else, then?

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

a lot of parents force you to eat what they make, that is, if OP still lived with his parents.

rice isnt the only thing people eat in china. he could have had somethin else while he was IN china

SugarCrazy 14

This is the definition of "sitting on your balls". He's whining and complaining but he's not doing anything to fix it.

Sitting on my balls? That would be very uncormfortable and hurtful. I don't wanna have to submit an FML saying I crushed my balls.

enonymous 8

Insert every woman in kitchen joke here

TBMFan 0

nice Going . o.o

karma and effect- awesome album and chinese people dont cook it good they boil water the wrong way

Don't cook it good? Boil it the wrong way? What in the name of Abby Wambach are you talking about? In the future, please refrain from mainlining possum urine just before commenting. Thanks.

Laxallday18 0

gotta love a wambach reference

your lucky.. I love rice

GuessWhatKids 13

I don't own a lucky.

LolliDolly 19

Because you couldn't possibly make something else.

they havent heard of restaurants?

tht really sucks!

eating the same food fr 14 days is really frustrating.. u r bound to hate it!

^^^ not for me I add soy sauce to my rice and that won't make me grumpy

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

57 HOLY SHIT I love your pic :D

Bring your own damn food if you don't like what's there..

princessjes23 6

or just don't go??

how is this a fml.... if you don't like it go out and buy something else or make something else yourself. there's more than just rice to eat in china too....

Meanwhile, in africa....