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Today, I came home from a four month stay in Africa, where I managed to avoid suffering any serious illness. Some hours after my first meal back at home, I got food poisoning. FML
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Musicsthecure 8

When Africa's food is better prepared than ours.

LudicMonster 22

Bitch please, I've lived in Africa the majority of my whole life without catching major illnesses, contrary to popular belief, there are places on this continent that are clean and safe -.-


Musicsthecure 8

When Africa's food is better prepared than ours.

Food in most African countries is not that much different from ours. You find western food and usually it is prepared in a safe way.

They only have so much of it, they have to prepare it right.

Our food isn't synthetic like yours. We have real organic food here. We cook our own, no TV meals with plastic ingredients! So, this comment is just naive. Please educate yourself on Africa before you make silly comments.

My dad went to Equatorial Guinea when I was in fifth grade. He was there for about six months and told me the meat markets there where everyone gets their food, sells monkey meat. Pretty gross!

Cheese and crackers! Does anyone have here have a sense of humor?

bamagrl410 31

And Americans wonder why everyone hates us so much. Fellow citizens, your ignorance is showing...

It could've been worse. Food poisoning isn't that bad anyway. Just rest for awhile.

420Zombie 17

Have you ever had food poisoning #2? It's horrible

2, it depends on how serious it is, the mild ones could just send you to the washroom a few extra times a day, serious ones could be fatal, if I remember correctly.

Yes I have had one before. It was pretty painful for like a few minutes but it calmed down after. It's not that bad IMO. I guess it's different for everyone.

I don't think you truly know what food poisoning is....

Clearly you haven't had food poisoning properly, maybe just an upset belly. When I last had food poisoning it was coming from both ends at the same time and within 8 hours I was so dehydrated I had to be admitted to hospital on a drip. I hope for your sake you never get proper food poisoning, it's awful!

LudicMonster 22

Bitch please, I've lived in Africa the majority of my whole life without catching major illnesses, contrary to popular belief, there are places on this continent that are clean and safe -.-

Yes, but visitors have less resistance to local illnesses and are more susceptible. OP wasn't trying to diss Africa, calm down :)

She was just stating the obvious, calm down :)

Africa, like any other country has illnesses. It's got nothing to do with food. If you are anywhere in the world and you prepare it badly, you'll get sick. Clearly. Educate yourselves about your horrible African misconceptions before you pass judgement. I live in Africa and I have never had food poisoning. Yet I got so ill in Singapore? Go figure.

shawnaishere 14

Chill out. It's not even that serious. First of if you're so passionate about Africa you should know that it's not a country but a continent. Nobody is trying to diss Africa so relax and truth be told, sometimes you do get sick from the food prepared because of the unclean water used to prepare it. Ofcourse, there are advance countries in Africa which barely have this problem but OP didn't even say the country in Africa she went to so we can't possibly know whether it was one of the better countries or not.

"like any other country". My head hurts with the stupidness.

You claim to live in Africa, but think that Africa is a country.

Ok back up a second... Continent or country... Whatever. You're all missing the point and focusing on what you want to focus on! I live in a COUNTRY within the CONTINENT of Africa. Sue me. I am still eating organic REAL meals. Stupidness? Really? A little rich if you ask me. Point is: misconceptions are dangerous. We may live in a third world CONTINENT or COUNTRY, but that doesn't make us uncivilized!!! Before you point fingers, argue the point and not the typo! FFS!!

Actually, I live In SOUTH AFRICA. A COUNTRY south of the Continent. Get a grip and argue the point please. Or rather don't pass comment, because it's clear you know very little about our country and continent anyway!

**** off #30, I'm a SGrean and I even got food poisonings from some kopitiams around here but rarely.

hate to say it, but you were probably eating more whole and raw food while there, no? your poor stomach wasn't ready for the civilized corn-feast again here at home. :P

ItsAnanya 25

Hate to say it, but you need to understand that people get "civilised" food in Africa too.

Thank you. We do get "civilized" food in Africa too. Ours is probably much healthier and organic than anywhere else in the world, because it's grown here and exported across to you!! As I said before, educate yourselves on Africa before you make comments implying we are living in the bush!!!! And that we lack civilization!!! Because that shit will get you nowhere in life!!

#31 And you implying that all Americans are uneducated about your country/continent is just as ignorant it will also get you nowhere in life

guess i overestimated FML's ability to recognize scorn and derision. does "corn feast" sound very civilized to you? maybe next time read a little slower and take note of context and tone being used? raw and whole foods are good foe you, as most people know (i hope, anyway). here in the ol' USofA, everything ia made from corn and modified food starch. i would much rather be eating in africa!

You my dear are an idiot! He was saying that OP probably had better food while in Africa. Read correctly before jumping on someone's shit!

I got what you were saying Ophel. We actually love in the same city too!

thanks, 64. ;P (girl though--don't let the very convincing moustache fool you!)

31, calm down. No need to get so defensive. Nobody's bashing your continent. Plus I'm pretty sure the point of the comment was that OP had /better/ food while in Africa, probably unprocessed.

Did you just so happen to devour McDonald's?

BellaBelle_fml 23

There are McDonald's in Africa as well. So your comment is sort of moot point.

You didn't eat the left overs in your fridge did you??

Wizardo 33

Its just that people in the West are too lazy to cook properly, that and they have no training/experience, you watch one show of Jamie Oliver or Barefoot Contessa and you're suddenly a Michelin star chef...

ApollosMyth 22

The generalizing is strong in this one.

Wizardo 33

Well let me amend, SOME people are just too lazy to do a good job, just work ethic.

At least you were home - despite the fact that it can still be hell. Better with hell at home, I guess!

To be fair, most food poisoning symptoms don't appear for about 12–72 hours after you at the food, so you never know where it came from...