By rUs7up1d - Guatemala - Guatemala City
Today, after pulling an all-nighter studying for an exam, I caught the bus to college. On the way there, the bus decided to make sweet love to a taxi, creating a pile-up and a traffic jam. I didn't make it to the exam in time. FML
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  Kramer1998  |  20

Humans most likely, my school will give you exemptions on shit like that, like In the case of a kid this year, had to go to spain for his moms funeral missed a week of school, had no makeup work


#38 that's a little retarded, he needs to catch up on the work for the tests, so I think that school needs to reevaluate their system.
It's also normal to need evidence, in case you're just bunking off.

  Octwo  |  16

I'm more inclined to assume the taxi was at fault, I'm constantly amazed most taxi drivers here still have licenses. But hell, probably different where the OP lives.