Expensive noodles, dude

By fuckstudentloans - 18/06/2015 23:29 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I ruined a $1,500 laptop with a 69¢ bowl of ramen noodles. FML
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What a waste of what could have been 2,173 cups of Ramen instead.

"I bought it like this. can I get a new one? "


dantee2005 33

69? Well there must be some joke here!!

dantee2005 33

Well that's the joke I was talking about.

Wizardo 33

Well according to you it was 69 cents of shit. Apple and noodles really don't mix.

Warranties that would cover this are accidental warranties and generally cost more. Doubt they have it.

I work for Apple and even our AppleCare Protection Plan doesn't cover accidental damage for MacBooks (just covers accidental damage for phones and shit like that). So chances are, they aren't covered.

i clicked the ydi so fast you should be proud of my speed

tantanpanda 26

I clicked both. One way to see it is "it sucks that such an expensive machine got ruined by a super cheap product." The other way is "why was your ramen close enough to your laptop to ruin it? Were you that clumsy to spill ramen all over your laptop or tip it over?" This really goes both ways.

mds9986 24

Nobody cares what you clicked.

What a waste of what could have been 2,173 cups of Ramen instead.

Either he really likes maths or u must be stupid :D a simple calculation on a calculator can give u the answer......!

1,500/0.69= 2,173.9 it isn't complicated math.

We don't know what a jumbo pack at costco would cost. or, if the supermarket happens to have a sale,

JohnTheDonJuan 11

Not trying to be "that guy", but you guys aren't figuring in tax. Just saying.

071312 9

You can get 2,100 packets of 69¢ noodles assuming tax is 7¢ on the dollar. Your total would come to $1,500.43. (: BUUUUT, knowing that she paid tax on her computer, she actually paid $1,605 which would equal 2,173 packets (= $1,604.3259) so he was right!

Bowel? Did you take a shit on your laptop?

Where can you buy bowels for 69 cents?