By rattrap - United States
Today, I checked over the pictures on my night-cam to see if my cats are really going on our kitchen counters. As soon as I'd seen the first picture, I realized that this whole time my cats haven't been going on it. It was a rat. FML
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By  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Well now we know the difference between rats and mice
Mice hit cats over the head with drop ironing boards, rakes, and the occasional hammer and are named Jerry (or possibly Tom) and rats piss on your counters and get the cats blamed for it.
Either way F the cat's life

  raney150  |  0

Op said I'd seen. I'd is short for I had (in this circumstance). Therefore op was using the past perfect tense, and in the past perfect tense, you use the pronoun (I), the simple past (had in this case), and the past participle (seen in this case). Seen is the past participle of the verb to see. So op is correct.