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Today, a McDonald's employee had to correct my math after counting out $2.37 in change. I'm in AP Calculus and am currently learning how to find the derivative of an inverse of a logarithm. FML
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No big deal. Simple mistake. I have a PhD in English and misstype/spell words weekly. That doesn't mean I'm any less intelligent.

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Who the **** you think you are that someone from mcdonalds can't be smart? A lot of people work at chain restarunts to pay for school, medical bills, etc.


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everyone makes mistakes. deal with it. YDI

OP... derivative of an inverse of a logarithm? in AP calc? i did that shit the first semester of PRE calc. and yes for any smartass, i want a ******* cookie! >:( but yeah... woop-de-*******-doo, you can't count well all the time, not expected of you to be able to be right in each and every single math related thing you do and be perfect. unless if it's because you think you should since you're in "AP calculus" then **** you for thinking too highly of yourself for being decently good at math (emphasis on IF mind you) and yes i'm a lil pissy after seeing some stupid ass ******* fml's lately. i mean, who the **** chokes on a chip!?!?!?

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.....pre calc doesn't do instantaneous rate of change....... so......false

#64: I'd be willing to bet the OP said that because it sounds good. At least he didn't say something completely nonsensical such as ƒ(x)÷ßØ∏±∑∆3∞©£¢=10.

Let me just say this in a way you can understand. AP Calculus is not difficult, in fact at most high schools it's a joke and most colleges recommend you take it over. Calculus itself (as long as you're not doing analysis) is also not a difficult subject and you should not feel proud of yourself for being enrolled in your first REAL math course.

Inverse of the log, #64. Which either means 1/loga(x) (multiplicative inverse) or -loga(x) (additive inverse) or maybe even a^x, which is kind of a stretch. But you're right, not that hard if you know what to do. To the OP, I am through Calc 4 and have friends who have forgotten how to long divide, but they can do LaPlace transforms and other difficult things like that. It happens. Use it or lose it.

Don't worry, OP... I'm a math major and one of my biggest jokes with my math buddies is how we can't do 9 times 5. (Which when I actually think about I know it's 45). You forget about simple arithmetic when you start doing higher math. Also, I just saw this guy speak about math in the real world vs. math in the classroom. They've done studies where they go up to street vendors when children have taken over for their parents while their parents ran a quick errand or used the restroom or whatever, and asked for items that would require complicated computations, and the kids could quickly and easily make these computations in their head, take money, give change, etc. They then gave their parents a hand-written exam to give the kids at home with the same exact problems they had to do on the street only with no distractions and as much time as they needed, and the kids did really poorly. The point of his talk was that we needed simulators or really good video games to teach kids math. My point is that working at McDonald's gives you real life experience handling money... they do it all the time, so they should be better at it than you if you're not working a job at a cash register. Not to mention the fact that the McDonald's employee could be taking AP Calculus as well... or higher math... but I hope your point was that anyone had to correct your change, not that it was a McDonald's employee because that'd be pretty pompous.

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I worked at McDonalds as my first job when I was 14. Some guy tried to show how smart he was by asking me what Pythagoreans theorem was. At that point I wasn't even in high school so I didn't know what it was. 7 years later I'm about to graduate from UW-Madison, one of the top engineering schools in the nation. Where is he now?..still working at a fast food restaurant. Lesson to learn: don't try to impress someone with the knowledge you think you have because chances are that someone else knows more than you. ps - AP classes aren't shit, no one is impressed and you make yourself look like a douche when you brag

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Er, OP? Just because you are in a "higher" level math doesn't automatically mean you won't ever make a mathematical mistake in your life. I understand concepts easily, but I'll also have to think hard what 7*4 is. Like someone said above (I'm too lazy to look), he calculates change ALL DAY. Of course he's better at it. And why do you assume that McDonald's employees are all idiots? Working the fast food industry has nothing to do with intelligence. Really, OP, come off the high horse and view the world sans rose colored glasses.

thank you!! i was thinking the same thing! also, just b/c someone is working at McDonald's doesn't mean they are an idiot, especially in this i say grow the **** up!

logs ain't that hard!! and yes everyone makes mistakes dumbass

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That's not hard. You just used math terms that people who never took pre-Calc wouldn't understand. I doubt you have any idea what you said, to be honest. But FYL for putting yourself above the person who might be hiring you when you get off your cloud.

Also.. I love how you say "I'm currently learning how to do the derivative of an inverse logarithm"... you mean f(x) = ln(u)... F(x) = u'/u. OMIGAWD SO FREAKING HARD. Christ you're pathetically retarded. He's learning to do the derivative of the inverse of a logarithm... that would be exponential. In other words, dy/dx = xe^x

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seeeeee we will never use the math they make u take in highschool or college

No big deal. Simple mistake. I have a PhD in English and misstype/spell words weekly. That doesn't mean I'm any less intelligent.

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actually i'd say it does. not because you misspell words a lot but because you went and got a PhD in english. i bet you're a ******* elitist liberal professor.

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can #63 get a ******* life and not try to censor other people's opinions? fascist little asswipe.

can #whatever the **** you are i dont really care shut the **** up when someones ALSO expressing his opinion?

Wait wait wait, #170, you're doing the same thing. Dammit, everyone just say whatever the hell they want.

Stop whining about your math skills, it's deriving me crazy.

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I missed a point on my calc test recently. I thought (x-2) with x=4 was 4 for some least i did the power series test for convergence right..

305, I love how you tried to subtly brag in there. Nice.

YDI for learning how to find the derivative of an inverse of a lagarthim. Astrophysics is where its at

or rather YDI for thinking everyone who works at McDonalds is stypid

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Obviously you are lying since ap students are NOT tested on the derivative of inverse logs. Just saying, you must not be understanding that class very well. I would know. I took ap calc AB last year and am taking BC this year.

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How do you know that it isnt bc material? But yeah the inverse or a log is just 10^x. Derivative of that is just (ln10)10^x i think. Cant remember that was AB material. But no one calls it inverse of a log. Calling BS on this one

Different schools or states have different standards for what a student must know. While you both need to lean the same basics, that guy may go somewhere they need to learn more than you.

Everyone makes mistakes handing out change. I am pretty fast with money and I've memorized the correct change for every transaction. But there are some times when I have a long line or something and I just get rushed and mess up. Thankfully there are kind and honest people out there who will let you know without keeping it or yelling at you. And who cares if you are in AP Calc. I never needed that class. Only ever took one math class in college. AP classes just don't impress anyone.

They get you credit in college, though, which is pretty much the whole point of taking them.

If you say you didn't need AP classes, you probably didn't care too much about college. 'Cause AP classes save you hundreds of dollars in college. Duh.

Not always. My college accepts AP credits but doesn't really let you take any fewer courses unless you come in freshman year with a plan to finish early. It just means you get to take more elective courses. Even when it does allow you to take fewer courses, not all colleges charge by the credit.

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actually i took one math class w/o taking AP...i took a college now course ( for math) which in my opinion is way better than AP...instead of a whole semester of high school it was only for 7 weeks nd still got 3 credits

im pretty sure the derivative of a logarithm is (a^(n-1))x(n)x(ln (a)) y = log (x) y^-1 = 10^x dy^-1/dx = (x)x(10^(x-1))x(ln (x)) im pretty sure prolly not correct though =P

SMART ASS!!! lol no but i give u props tho and ims eriously not bein sarcastic... cuz i fail to understand math almost completely just after algebra

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You also fail at spelling/spell check/grammar!

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You beat me to it. Damn my slow logins!

Is he being smart or is all that gibberish?

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I like how "AsianMan" corrected the math problem. The world is right again.

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I'm over here not know any of this

Meh, Derivitives are cakey. Differential Equations on the other hand...

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Differential equations are easy!

lol, don't worry. i'm half way through an engineering degree and i never learned my times tables. thats what calculators are for

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PLEASE tell me you are not serious!

Well he doesn't really need to know them. That's what calculators are for. He needs to know linear algebra and differential equations and vector analysis. Significantly more important than ******* times tables.

I'd say I was in the same boat, but in first year we couldn't use calculators, so I *had* to learn them. Now that I'm in fourth year I've filled that part of my brain with more important things. Like thoughts of boobies.

Oh dear... I'm doing a maths degree at Imperial College London, and we don't use calculators. If you're at all serious about maths, you won't use a calculator.

If you're at all serious about some types of math, you need a calculator... number theory, for instance... it's 100% necessary for some calculations

That's why you're only half way through your engineering degree. Write back when you're all the way through.

No ones don't worry about it.

what does mcdonalds have to do with math skillz? finding the derivitive of an inverse function isn't difficult. nor the rules of logrithms are also easy to memorize and use. your just retarded. the guy obviously was smarter than you. I work at rite aid and take linear algebra. meaning most likely, I can do better math that my customers. so take your ap calc and suck it.

1. AP calculus is a joke. 2. None of my math profs could do basic arithmetic. And they had PhDs. 3. How does not counting change on one day actually **** your life?

1. Yup 2. Lazy Bastards! 3. It doesn't, he's just an insecure bitch

My AP Calc class was far from a joke! I was lucky enough to get a teacher who worked us hard, cuz when we got to the AP test we thought *it* was a joke. We all breezed through it and most of us got 5's. If it weren't for that teacher, I probably wouldn't have gone on to major in Mathematics and eventually land the fantastic job that I have now :) Moral of the story: the world needs more good Math teachers!

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To answer your question on how this is an FML, it is obvious. The Op did not tell us he was trying to impress this girl (she has a beard but we won't judge). This girl gets turned on by change. She tells him, i will go down on you right now if you can count change. She is also the princess of a magical land called McChange. Turns out if he had counted right he would have been able to marry her and never work a day in his life. So when the McDonald's employee was able to correct him the Bearded Princess fell in love with him and they danced into the sunset and are now happily wed with bearded, minimum wage children.

Can I ask you what your fantastic job is? I'm a senior math major and I have no clue what I want to do with my life.