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agreed this is some serious fyl!! Awww!!! omg Hun, that is soo sad!! ily! I wanna give you a hugsnd tell you everythings ok!!!

o^.^o. € haha had to add a pickachu!!!€

By  baby_gurl2405  |  0

wo, ok just remember forcing the computor to say I love you doesn't mean it acctualy does. You might want to consider taking this romance at a slower pace for it. After all it would not be very fun if your computor wound up not likeing you anymore! freezing up ALL the time, deleting important documents, not asking you to clean up its harddrive any more... you could be in the dog house for a long while my friend :P :P :P :P :P

  Chunchunchun  |  3

#11, PLEASE learn to spell coherently... I'd bash your grammar too, mine's hardly perfect. At least make the effort to spell, and use capital letters though. One emoticon is enough, we got the point.

On the actual FML, I hope things get better for you soon OP.