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Today, I married the man of my dreams. At the after-party, my psycho grandma stood up, called for quiet, and engaged in a long rant about how this was "the beginning of the end" and advising everyone that the secret to a successful marriage is "cheating, plain and simple". FML
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I wonder what the OP's grandmother's love life was like...

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you should have called for a toast after she was finished with her speech and then say "this IS the beginning of the end. sucks you won't be able to see it though." xD

@28 It involved many 20 year old body builders and Playboy parties.

Ahh i didn't know tiger woods's grandma crashed weddings

No, there's logic here OP obviously stole grandma's sweetheart, and she's not about to just let it slide

she forgot her medication so she lost it...

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So many FML's I see have old people doing stupid things...haha

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Get a pet reindeer and run her over.

Somehow, I can only think of Dane Cook when an old man told him to cheat for a long, successful relationship.

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Well we know how her marriage went......

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be lucky, your grandma sounds like the bomb, not a sagging old woman filled with disgust for the new generation....

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At the birth of your first child: this is the beginning of the end. The key to a successful child; shaking and dropping, plain and simple.

Somehow, I can only think of Dane Cook when an old man told him cheating is the key to a long and lasting relationship.

Sometimes old people just don't deserve respect...

Well we all know how her marriage went....

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She probably actually believes it though.... Help isn't always helpful....

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I love how all of these comments end in...

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Ellipses, giving the impression of aposiopesis...

Elipses, a series of three dots conveying the passing of time in literature... Got to love it.

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Lol I know Right? EDIT: Sorry, wrong comment. -.-

Ellipses always leave a sense of mystery...

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I also love how these comments have nothing to do with the FML, and how our minds go from one topic to another...

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I love how some people ^^ like to state the obvious ...

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I bey she is single after that rant

I think we all know why grandpa cheated on her.

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Come on, take the advice, who's more wise than a drunk grannie?

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Well you have to admit, one you have kids and get around 50 then the married start sucking the life out of eachother

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It's not cheating if you both decide to bring a third person in. Just sayin'...

67-Not a cougar, a Tiger that belongs in the Woods

She's drunk and the OP said she was psycho.

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Now that you know the secret, I can't let you leave...

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It's funny because it's a stop sign

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It's funny because he's SirObvious

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Omgosh; your grandma must of have an awful marriage if she would do that to you. Just ignore her & congratulations (: You got marries for a reason.

Omgosh: Your grammar caused an English teacher to commit suicide.

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Okay you dick! It was on accident okay. Does it say you have to write perfect? You idiot!

That is not a nice thing to say. He or she clearly isn't a native speaker!

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you really can. very debatable. Very controversial. Depends on if youre an ass or actually care about true successfull marriages.

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Hey, dumb shit, do you really find it so difficult to grasp the simple concept of sarcasm? @62

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yea, for your homework tonight, 62, go look up sarcasm. then go look up Internet trolls... and stop being one. together we can stop morons like you

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Grandma got ran over by a reindeer

You just have to amuse some old people. Example. Yes grandpa I'm still smart enough to be a doctor.

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I wonder if she was speaking from experience??

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Sorry I didn't mean to say that twice

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I wonder if she was speaking from experience??

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