By NoOrdinaryNZer - 30/10/2016 11:09 - New Zealand - Christchurch

Today, an old man, while I was working, asked me to spell average-length words. Confused, I refused. Turns out I was apparently taking too long counting the large amount of small change he'd given to me, and he assumed I couldn't count or spell. I study law, and I've learned basic calculus. Welcome to retail. FML
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JMichael 25

Unfortunately most people look down on you if you work retail and assume you don't have the smarts to get a better job. They don't really understand the shit we deal with.

You will encounter lots of jerks when working retail. Don't let it get to you


Give it some time, you'll get the hang of it.

We all have to make small changes to improve.

Some old men just don't make cents. (jokes aside, what do you mean basic calculus?)

Calculus is a type of advanced math. Basic Calculus is, well, the basics of Calculus.

tantanpanda 26

If you look at it this way, algebra 1 < geometry < algebra 2 < precalculus < calculus. You could also throw in college algebra or trigonometry in there and they'd all be below calculus. Just to give you a frame of reference to the type of mathematics OP is talking about. Much harder than counting pocket change.

I know what calculus is, but did he mean differentiation and limits?

Probably just whatever was in calc 1. I don't remember exactly what was in mine, it's been too long.

Basic calculus is Year 11-12 maths, differentiation and limits like you said.

JMichael 25

Unfortunately most people look down on you if you work retail and assume you don't have the smarts to get a better job. They don't really understand the shit we deal with.

While I'm not disagreeing with you, because many people are certainly qualified for better jobs but can't due to lack of experience/availability, I'd just like to point out how disconnected your two statements are. You make it seem like the shit retail people have to deal with automatically makes them qualified for better jobs. Which it most certainly does not.

Let's be honest, it's not like retail people are the only ones who have to put up with shitat their jobs. I'm an engineer and I get all kinds of shit too. Customers, bosses, colleagues, operators, other managers.

Every job comes with it shit. Retail does not have it worse. I work in the psych field, and we will deal with the clients, their families, supervisors, other agencies the client may have plans with, insurance, and making sure to always follow every government regulation while still giving the client all of our attention. So counting charge, when most cash registers tell you how much the customer's is to receive, is no excuse .

Honestly, retail is the worst field to work in in my experience, simply because the general public is filled with entitled ass holes. I currently work in law enforcement and let me tell you, criminals are easier to deal with then some of the ass hats I've dealt with in retail. They don't pay retail workers enough for what they do.

nykkilynn16 7

You misunderstand the post. The man gave her a large amount of small change to pay for his items. You don't have it any worse, if anything, retail is seen as worse because it's paid so low for the amount of shit people deal with.

Look at all the people with far, far better paying jobs complaining that their jobs are hard too. Yes, every job has a lot of shit with it, but retail and food service are spent entirely dealing with the public. Who are, largely, assholes. And minimum wage workers get way less respect and way less money to go along with that extra helping of shittyness.

You will encounter lots of jerks when working retail. Don't let it get to you

I don't know why people think counting fast in memory is important, for that we have calculators. Better be competitive in something machines can't be, atleast not yet.

why would you refuse to help someone if they don't know how to spell a word? just cuz you think it's easy (Mr/Ms law) doesn't mean everyone else does. also he's an asshole for doing something like that. this just looks like what happens when two dicks collide

he didn't refuse to help someone who didn't know how to spell a word, he refused a nonsensical request, the man asked him to spell average length words, not a specific word, just any old word.

unless of course he went through asking each individual word, but even then a constant stream of random and completely irrelevant words would have confused anyone

Burle 17

Studying law, probably is a dick

he didn't know it was nonsensical, and how do you ask someone to spell a word without specifying the word?

You're still slow at counting change tho

To clear up some things, the words he asked me to spell were words you'd expect a 9 or 10 year old to be learning to spell. I refused because my co-workers couldn't hear what he was saying, but would probably have heard me spelling out these words to him and it'd be weird. Also I didn't talk back or try to dignify it with a proper response because he'd think I was talking back to him, I had to be a good employee. He spent quite a bit and gave me a lot of coins to count, and was still a few dollars short. Didn't take that long, he was just impatient. He's apparently a regular customer, and has annoyed most of my co-workers too. Also, I'm only a first year, but not everyone who does law is a dick ;), if I was enough of a dick, I'd definitely have talked back to him and made him feel stupid for calling me stupid

Burle 17
neuronerd 28

I feel your pain. I frequently get people who think I'm the typical "dumb blonde" due to my look/style, and the fact that I work a front desk job part time. I'm about to graduate with a masters in neuroscience, and I have several high impact publications I've authored. That said, sometimes I'll play up the stereotype if someone assumes it, because I find it entertaining, and it's amusing frustrating rude people. If that guy comes back, have fun with it.

I'm constantly called a dumb blonde. Even in school. I have a degree in genetics and a degree in political science, and I'm now in law school. I've been called a dumb blonde by people who graduated 3 years late from high school with only a GED because they kept failing and now they will only ever be able to work retail jobs. I hate the stereotype so much.