By Michael292 - 19/12/2016 06:33 - South Africa - Pietermaritzburg

Today, after recently getting stitches removed due to a surfing accident, I had to go to the hospital again to have my eye stitched up due to an idiot who brought a surfboard to a pool, got on it outside the pool, and it slipped from under him and into my face. FML
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Life is good, life is great, life is full of stitches...

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cootiequeen4444 11

Do mean literally your eyeball. Or the area around the eye... *shudders at the thought of needing stitches in my eye*. I'd say the powers that be are saying stay away from surfboards... but if you are really a surfer, you won't listen to the powers at be. there would be a hurricane throwing things around violently and shit and you'd need to sneak in at least one sweet ride before heading for cover...

species4872 19

Big waves in the pool no doubt. Sorry about your injuries mate.


species4872 19

Big waves in the pool no doubt. Sorry about your injuries mate.

Maybe the universe is saying you should avoid all water before you end up getting stitches from a surfboard accident while taking a bath. Sorry you're hurt. Hope you feel better soon. :)

This dude going Surf's Up on peoples face is reckless, he needs be more mindful of others to own that board, hope your eye isn't seriously damaged. Get better OP

You might want to stop surfing the Web, too, before something bad happens to you. Looks like surfing's got it in for you.

Looks like the only waves you've been catching are waves of pain. FYL, OP.

I gotta know... Did you see it coming?

Indeed I did but I did not recognise it.

these 'only in---' jokes are getting really old. please come up with something better, or don't comment.

Only on FML can you see people bashing "only in" comments.

Well at least it wasn't a shark or a Black Friday mob trampling you to save a 10 spot on a vacuum

Let me get this straight. You got hurt in a surfing-related accident, just after recovering from a surfing-related accident. Well don't you just have the most ironic kind of luck.