By Ravhi Karia - 03/04/2015 13:41 - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes

Today, I went to see my ill granddad in hospital. I saw lots of doctors around his bed, and they pronounced him dead, so I ran out crying. A little later, I found out that my granddad had been moved, and it was a different man in his bed. FML
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This is not so much a FYL but totally a F that family's L's. I would be pretty thankful after that.

I'm soooo sorry OP...Ik exactly how you feel..I lost my granddad two nights ago..:(

I have to agree with #1, you should feel relieved

Sorry for the scare OP, but be glad he's alive :)

The guy in the bed doesnt really have a life to ****... Js

I'm sorry for the other guy, though

Novadi 22

Although it's really embarrassing to run out of the wrong room, at least be relieved that your gramps is alive. If anything, F the guy in bed's life

He wasn't technically in the wrong room. OP's grandpa was in that room, but they moved him and OP apparently was not told that.

Novadi 22

#71 - Which is exactly why I said he was in the wrong room.

Even though not being related, what op's been through is still considered an FML, I guess.

Countryboy1996 18

It's sadder when it's a loved one.

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What's wrong grandad is still alive!

The sad part is that the people of this site voted it An FML. The dude should be spending what little time he has left with gramps