By Joey - 24/07/2012 05:04 - United States - Tampa

Today, on my way to work, I noticed a woman on the side of the road waving for help, her car appearing to be broken down. I pulled over, stepped out of my car, went over to her car, lifted the hood, and checked it. When I looked up to tell her what was wrong, she and my car were gone. FML
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That's part of the reason it's so hard to help people anymore.

thats why cars have keys. take them with you and that cant happen!


That's part of the reason it's so hard to help people anymore.

Maybe she just left to call a tow truck?

It's interesting how 1's name is GTA :-)

Yeah, because humans are like a hurt dog and a healthy dog. The healthy dog offers to carry the hurt one and once they're on top, they just **** you blind

But there is no "Well said! Very true." button.

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My grandma told me never to stop to help people on the side of the road, just call someone that can help them. *True story*

Why the hell didn't Op take the keys out of his car, lock the doors, and put them in his pocket?

#1 so true. What has the world come to? Someone gives up their time for you and you steal their car? Wtf

thats why cars have keys. take them with you and that cant happen!

southernbelle_rn 16

That's exactly what I was thinking. Why did you leave your car running? I can't help but say you deserve it for this's your own fault.

Yeah, thought it the first thing I read the story and it's the reason I clicked YDI... But you have to admit, it sucks... The phrase "no good deed goes unpunished" seems truer with each passing FML

Yea, I never leave this keys in the car even for a minute. I can see myself in this situation taking the time to lock the doors before helping her, lol.

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He might have had a keyless button starting car and left his remote in the car while he got out to help her

Maybe he had one of those fancy new cars that you only have to push a button to start it . I've seen a few of those around, you don't even need a key for them .

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Gary women I swear, playing their tricks to steal cars.

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Even with a keyless car there's still the key like device that has to stay within like 100yards of the car, and he was under the hood not the car itself. I always have my keys on me whenever I'm not in my car.

#69 Well then she didn't go very far because with this system the car will only open/start when the key is around the vehicle. She probably would have stopped a few meters away. My guess is the woman was hot, and his brain was only half thinking because of all the blood flooding down to his man parts, so he just forgot to take his keys! (joke inside, I know sometimes people have a hard time making the distinction!)

It all depends where OP was when it happened! When my family goes to the local landfill we don't turn off the vehicle just in case the battery quits or something. If OP was in a shady part of town or on one of those long desert highways where there's no help for miles, I can't blame them for leaving the vehicle on…

My grandfather has a Nissan Murano and it isn't a button but you don't need a key. We looked he stood outside the drivers side and I tried to start it and he wasn't close enough. For my car I lock to the doors even when I pump gas, never know what can happen.

if he was in a shady part of town, why stop or leave the vehicle in the first place

maybe he left the door unlocked and she hot wired it?

26, You must not understand what you are saying. I think you mean "you should have done this, but FYL". People don't deserve to have their cars stolen for not taking their keys with them...Only a complete ******* would say something that stupid. It's unfortunate, and you did have the power to stop it, you do NOT deserve it.

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So where would you put the keys then..?

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126- Yes, I meant exactly what I commented. So calling me a "*******" was unnecessary . With the way people steal cars and everything else these days, basic common sense would be to secure your belongings first. Most thieves rely on the most simplest mistakes or lapse in judgement by victims to carry out their plans such as this example of him leaving his keys in his car.

While it's marginally safer for men to approach strange women, your best bet would have been to pull over, and without getting out of the car, ask them if you need to call someone for them. If you do get out of the car, turn it off, lock it, and pocket your keys. It may sound like paranoia or untrusting, but anyone who is 'scamming' will immediately know you're not an easy target.

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She immediately knew he /was/ an easy target

Exactly. That's because OP /didn't/ do any of that.

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I don't understand why you /did/ this.

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On the upside, if she's like many people, she'll have registration and insurance papers in the glovebox, and then she'll be easy to track down/arrest. If she's smart, she won't, but they can still probably run her license plate too. Unless THAT car is stolen. Then he's ******.

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Did you explain to her that you wanted to help her, not trade cars with her? XD

I'm sure he yelled it out to her as she sped away.

Her car mightve been more expensive.

You shouldn't have left your keys in the ignition/available to a stranger. But good work for just trying to help. Thus YDI while I still agree, your life sucks :)

Now, when someone stops to help you, steal their car! It could be like a fun little game!

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What a ripoff. It's like highway robbery.

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This reminded me of Zombieland! Just be grateful no guns were involved.

I believe there is a button for saying that, it might make your life easier.