By Alyce - 9/10/2020 08:10 - United States - Lewistown

Never flip flop and drive

Today, I was supposed to deliver my S/O's keys to the garage, where he got his car fixed after a minor accident. I pulled out of my alley, only to have my flip flop catch on my accelerator, causing me to hit another car passing by. FML
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By  Sady_Ct  |  37

Wearing flip flops while driving is illegal in Australia for this exact reason

  Sara Niemantsverdriet  |  9

Actually it isn't illegal, at least not in NSW. Not specifically, anyway. There are no specific laws about the type of footwear or lack thereof you can wear while driving

However, if you did have an accident and it could be proved your inappropriate footwear was the cause, you can cop an offence under "driving without proper control of a vehicle".

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

This is the most moronic driving-related FML I've read since that girl who complained about her boyfriend crashing into a tree while she gave him "road head". If you do stupid things, you deserve to suffer the consequences. Don't drive while wearing footwear that easily slips off, don't blow the driver while the car is in motion, and stop renewing The Masked Singer.