By Sydney1600 - 20/06/2013 23:28 - United States - Lawndale

Today, I tried explaining to my mom how liking her own posts on Facebook wasn't very cool. I later logged in to see she'd added all my friends and posted naked baby pictures of me, captioning them, "Now I don't have to like my own posts." FML
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I was KINDLY telling her how it wasn't "cool" to like her own stuff. She accepted my tip with a warming smile. We have a close relationship, so it wasn't surprising that she did that. The picture wasn't too exposing. All you could see was my bottom. My friends now joke about it, so it was easy to get over it. Now my mom is the "cool mom." The worst part would have to be that she now gets more likes on her post than I do. So much for liking her own pictures.

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And the Mother of the Year Award goes to.....

you mean... It's not cool to like your own photos?


And the Mother of the Year Award goes to.....

The mum has a childish temper & a cute acute sense of humour - albeit an immature one! :))

She's very lucky she doesn't get charged with being a sex offender. This day and age there are people who have had pictures of themselves naked, and they too are under legal age getting forced to register.

Charged as a sex offender for posting nude baby pictures of her own child?

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Revenge is sweet! Revenge is a dish best served cold! Therefore, revenge is: ice cream!

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@44 I apologize, but if you're making a reference to something, I have no idea what it is.

I'm not a hard core Trekkie but the was a good movie and a classic Shatner/Montalbahn moment!

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That's why you don't pick on your mother! Sorry about the embarassment, OP. Hopefully she's nice enough to take them down soon.

Where did it say she was picking on her? She was just trying to help her.

No,, this is why you block your parents on Facebook. Then you never have to worry about saying something wrong about one of their posts.

Funny, my parents are on mine. Most of my friends parents are on theirs. Never had a problem. Maybe it's a problem because you're doing stupid shit and acting an idiot online?

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I had all of my family members with a Facebook on mine and never had a problem. You just need to watch what you post. Which is something you should do anyways since it's, well... the internet.

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If you don't want a picture someone has added of you up and it could defame you, you can always report them to get them taken down.

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I often customize my posts so that everyone but my mom can see. She gets really annoying when she always asks what my posts mean.

OP, your mom totally burned you, therefore, FYL.

Leave it to the moms to humiliate your ass even when theres no one around. But you gotta love em

That was unnecessary and kind of mean, plus maybe a little too personal. Somethings should be kept between family's such as albums unless of course you willingly want for others to see, being a naked baby or not sorry for you.

I don't know why this got down voted. It makes perfect sense.

See this is why I dont add parents.

you mean... It's not cool to like your own photos?

That's ****** up but hilarious! Props to your mother OP. Hopefully your friends won't pick on you that much.