By girlymae - 27/02/2013 07:59 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I was in bed when I rolled over and saw a hand right beside my head. I freaked out and nearly peed myself, just to realize that it was the huggable heart pillow my boyfriend had given to me on Valentine's Day. FML
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Anyone here not woken up with a strange hand over their face, only to discover it's your own limp, insensate, asleep hand? Hey, it can't just be me! Can it?

Heart attack!


How did you confuse a hand and a heart?

They have hands at each side, I believe.

What I want to know is how realistic the hand was that it scared her into almost pissing herself. I hope her boyfriend isn't doing any freaky Van Gogh shit.

When you're half asleep, many things can appear to be other things. My ex-girlfriend once mistook a small clump of cat hair on a pillow for a spider. Of course, she screamed and woke me up as well.

31- i've been done that as well! i woke up and imagined a huge spider was crawling towards me over the pillow. the human mind is a cruel thing

Anyone here not woken up with a strange hand over their face, only to discover it's your own limp, insensate, asleep hand? Hey, it can't just be me! Can it?

perdix 29

#2, no, Doc, it's happened to me, too. It sucks when you start caressing this hand only to eventually find out that it's yours. So much for the hand job :(

It's happened to me, even one time I hit a leg and didn't know it was mine

Happened to me. I instinctively threw this hand off of me, only to feel a pain in my shoulder when I did.

On the contrary perdix, it's the perfect opportunity for "the stranger" and you don't even have to sit on your hand for a half hour lol

wildsweetchild 19

Happened to me too. And caressing part just like Perdix described. I guess it's not that weird after all.

perdix 29

#42, not so fast, just because you do something like I do it doesn't mean it's not weird -- it proves it! Sorry, but at least you and me are in the same weirdo boat!

I once searched for my numb hand and ended up hitting myself in the face with it nearly knocking me out

wlddog 14

I slept on my arm somehow, and woke up to my whole right arm being immobile. I even had trouble rolling off the arm. Freaked me out. No permanent damage was done, but that arm was sore for a while.

You have a kind hand, Doc. Mine just smacks me awake.

thatdangmexican 18

How could you possibly confuse a heart shaped pillow and a hand?

Misswildsides 22

Look at #1s responses..

Understanding time fail.

He was #3, that was comment #11.

Heart attack!

Fitting name you have there.

chubchube 7

I would've ran the **** out of bed. And then isolate myself from that room entirely.

Misswildsides 22

Don't you think that's a little too dramatic?

I agree with 23 - it's a pillow. Not a masked murderer.

But what if it was a murderer disguised as a heart pillow?

53 - then he's a damn good murderer I guess!

I would of smacked it away then realize it was a pillow before I start to flip out and nearly pee myself.

Oh you would? That's a very smart set of decisions on your behalf. How many times do commenters have to clear up "should/would/could have"?

What you think you would do compared to what you actually do, while in a half sleep, are usually completely different.

Happy Valentines Day.......!

I think you need a calender

I think you need to re-read the FML... She got the heart that scared her for valentines day. Sorry if the joke was too subtle.

perdix 29

Do you often date guys with red fuzzy hands?

vadaaa 11

Hmm.. I don't think so, considering OP has a boyfriend.

perdix 29

#14, I'm thinking the boyfriend has red, fuzzy, plush hands. Or maybe the huggable pillow IS the boyfriend and she really shoplifted it, and tried to convince us there is a real human boy involved. The shopkeepers saw the theft, but were too sad to press charges.

vadaaa 11

I'm guessing that he doesn't, OP probably wouldn't have been that scared if she saw her boyfriends hand. Your second idea seems very likely.

I feel like this would be a glasses commercial, get your eyes checked or stop dating Elmo and friends.

yeah definitely thought it was going to turn out to be her own hand. If you had been hugging it right, this would have never happened!