By girlymae - / Wednesday 27 February 2013 07:59 / Canada - Winnipeg
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When you're half asleep, many things can appear to be other things. My ex-girlfriend once mistook a small clump of cat hair on a pillow for a spider. Of course, she screamed and woke me up as well.

  perdix  |  47

#2, no, Doc, it's happened to me, too. It sucks when you start caressing this hand only to eventually find out that it's yours. So much for the hand job :(

  perdix  |  47

#42, not so fast, just because you do something like I do it doesn't mean it's not weird -- it proves it! Sorry, but at least you and me are in the same weirdo boat!

  wlddog  |  47

I slept on my arm somehow, and woke up to my whole right arm being immobile. I even had trouble rolling off the arm. Freaked me out. No permanent damage was done, but that arm was sore for a while.

By  thatdangmexican  |  35

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By  Baustigt  |  49

Oh no, that's just what the Mafia are doing now. They're trying to take a more huggable and people-friendly approach to the whole death threat thing. Plus they were running out of disembodied horses to put in people's beds.

  perdix  |  37

#14, I'm thinking the boyfriend has red, fuzzy, plush hands. Or maybe the huggable pillow IS the boyfriend and she really shoplifted it, and tried to convince us there is a real human boy involved. The shopkeepers saw the theft, but were too sad to press charges.

  vadaaa  |  37

I'm guessing that he doesn't, OP probably wouldn't have been that scared if she saw her boyfriends hand. Your second idea seems very likely.

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