Tradwife blues

By AnonWife - 22/01/2014 01:16 - United Kingdom - Scunthorpe

Today, my husband and I are sick. He keeps whining about how bad he feels. I'm just as sick, as well as 7 months pregnant. I've not only been taking care of his whiny ass: I've cooked, cleaned, and gone to the store several times because the tissues we had were too rough on his nose. FML
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Just leave him alone for a few hours and he will realize that life indeed can be tough. Teach him a lesson. If you don't do it now you might never get a second chance.

colton_colton 49

Good for you for being the bigger person!


colton_colton 49

Good for you for being the bigger person!

#1 , I agree . And OP's husband seriously needs to man the **** up and take care of his wife and child to be born! She can have a miscarriage (I think) if she's doing too much and working too hard!

#24 just going to the store won't cause her to have a miscarriage

he is right they tell you to stay active during pregnancy just don't lift a bunch of heavy shit

Rainhawk94 27

I was agreeing with you #24, theeeeeen i read your last sentence

Guys , I said "I think" . But above all , OP's husband needs to at least help her out with the house work instead of whining . I can promise you that being pregnant can be very exhausting going through all the morning sickness and mood swings . And if OP has to move around she can go walking and do yoga too which is highly recommended by doctors and advisers . Some women have weak pancreases and can have a miscarriage from small things too . I'm just saying .


damnit1989 16

A miscarriage is highly unlikely at 7 months in. More probable, but still unlikely, would be going into labor early and having a pre term baby. Going to the store and being sick will not cause either very easily, unless she were already at risk, and already about to have one anyway.

whothewhat 4

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That's not the point. The point is that the guy isn't doing anything constructive or helpful. The woman is 7 months PREGNANT. Do you even realize what that means? It means it's hard to get out of bed in the mornings, it makes you nauseous, it makes you have to pee all the time. And on top of dealing with creating and carrying a baby and what that does to your body, she has to take care of another baby, her husband, and all of his complaints. I'd say she's justified in writing an FML.

@67: So does that mean he's not a good husband?

skittyskatbrat 19

I'd say she's justified in going to visit her parents (or his) for a few weeks and just leaving a note for him to find. "Fix your own damn meals, and you know where the washer/dryer are."

Studies have shown that men actually feel worse than women when they are sick because of how it interacts with testosterone.

What is "it", exactly, 87? Sickness, in general? And I'm pretty sure there aren't accurate tests for how bad someone feels when sick, and even if there was a measurable difference, I'm more than willing to bet that the whole 7 months pregnant thing more than makes up for it.

whothewhat 4

So it appears that some of you have never been sick and your missing the entire point I made any woman who is able to take care of her husband who is sick while she is sick an carrying a baby was only being a good wife to her husband if the husband wasn't sick then he should be taking care of his wife so for all of you who aren't married or did understand my comment you probably don't have a clue about how marriage works

You didn't learn the first time.

#87 - Ah, yes. It sucks more for the man still, nevermind that his wife is sick AND pregnant.

Then it should be a two way street. Why isn't he helping take care of her at the same time? I think you are also missing a point. If she can manage to take care of him while sick and being seven months pregnant, I'm pretty sure he can get off his ass and make his wife some soup. There should be a mutual acknowledgement of taking care of each other.

Lol, bigger person... I guess there was no pun intended xD

Everyone gets all butthurt if anything is said that doesn't make women look like the better of the genders. Women get pregnant all the time. This putting them on a pedestal thing only exists in the first world. Do you think that women get to stop working just because they are pregnant in a third world county? Oh this isn't a scholarly article but it's a quick summary of why men feel more sick.

hunteryager 18

122 took the words right out of my mouth. He was never trying to excuse the husbands actions. Just trying to provide insight on this "man flu" crap.

colton_colton 49

Either way she doesnt need to work that much being pregnant just in general

122 - I want you to reread the first sentence and then consider the rest of your post.

caysters 12

Wait, what does the pancreas have to do with miscarriages? Pancreas has to deal with insulin and blood sugar... How does it cause miscarriages?

Knowing that I'm going to get downvoted, I have to say that I somewhat agree with 122 and 130. Basically, feminism nowadays is bullshit, and either women are better or it's sexist in today's world.

When he's whining like a bitch and making his PREGNANT WIFE do all of the work when she's just as sick? He's not a real man.

WADR OP, YDKT. (With All Due Respect Original Poster, You Don't Know That). Edit, fun fact: Typing the lower part of that post took only 10 seconds longer.

122 that thing has been proved wrong... If I may reefer to: you see that the "man flu" is non existent. And believe me, I'm no feminazi, but a sick, 7 month pregnant woman should be taken care of by her fiancé, or at least only be needed to take care of only herself and the baby. I've never been pregnant (thank god), but I would think that would be enough. Being sick too, even worse. Be needed to take care of my fiancé that has the same "degree of sickness" as me, I would probably run into a wall. (That was a Swedish saying, exactly translated: run into the wall, it means mentally and/or physically crashing down.)

TawnyAnarchy 7

#122 I'm sorry, but you're an idiot. I have been pregnant and have had kids and if you even had the slightest clue what it's like to go through that and the changes your own body puts you through, your ass would be getting up and helping your wife. Not to mention that in third world countries, women die all the fricken time from birth because they didn't do what they needed to do. A lot of women today, after TONS of research get put on what is called 'bed rest' and that means they don't get up, AT ALL, unless they need to pee. I've also met women who need to be completely stitched shut down there because, even at 7 months pregnant, she could have a miscarriage or her body could literally reject the child almost killing her. Be smart before you speak, tool.

I hope you idiots never get married. And no, the goal of feminism isn't to prove women are better than men, it is to prove they are equal.

colton_colton 49

None intended at all :D

#231, That's what feminists try to tell people. Men and women are treated equally now, yet feminism still rolls on. By the way, they are married. Idiot.

Literally. EDIT: oops.

What about being sick and pregnant? It might be worse for men but that doesn't mean that being pregnant sick and taking care of your husband who's nose is too delicate to use normal tissues.

Just leave him alone for a few hours and he will realize that life indeed can be tough. Teach him a lesson. If you don't do it now you might never get a second chance.

hunteryager 18

15 year old girls speaking as if they're on facebook. smh

My question is this. Why have a baby if you seem to already have a guy who acts like one? Haha. But ya I agree with you #2. Teach him life is tough, not in an assholish way - but in a way he'll understand.

Sadly she's his wife, not his mother. She can only try to show him, but a grown person's perspective is very hard to change.

Next time you go to the store OP pick up his balls. That's what some men do. They can be all badass all day until they get sick. You'll have the same things going on when the baby is born. Don't worry though. Women are capable of caring for manchildren and children while sick.

Trickiest_K 9

Man flu is nothing to be joked about

The term "man flu" is a different story though.

SexiChula91 3

lmaooooo that's so true. men are tough up until they get sick.

jazzy_123 20

53, and don't even mention taking them to the doctor! haha

Actually it is something to be joked about..

Its so funny. My dad is one of the strongest/toughest men I know but good Lord if he gets a cold or sick or something like that, he becomes a baby (which i don't mind). I think its where men have to be strong so much that when they get sick and babied it makes them feel nice to not have to be that rock. I think its cute but if they're mean, its unnecessary. :)

Nickb55 16

Just stop helping him altogether.

Especially if he's just going to bitch and moan while his pregnant, sick wife takes care of him.

agreed. people can only take advantage of you, if you allow them to.

yeaa, she could be a child and do that... or she could be an adult and talk to her husband. not yell, talk. some of these suggestions are very childish and are suggestions that could easily damage a relationship. and she doesn't know how bad he feels. he could actually feel much worse than her. you don't know, she doesn't know, I don't know. only he does. and, before someone starts bitching about how she's pregnant, he should be trying to help her. he doesn't need to do everything but he should help a little. but sitting there bitching about it behind his back and enabling that behavior will get nothing done and create more stress. communication is the key. be an adult op, have a conversation with your husband about it.

It's not childish to say no to things you don't wanna do. Why turn yourself into a martyr first and then decide to baby him about why you're saying no and blah blah blah. Just say no the first time and this FML wouldn't exist and she wouldn't resent her husband.

Just tell him to **** off, if he whines give him a Kotex.

Guys can be such a babies when they are sick..

JMichael 25

Yes..yes we can lol.

My friend has a theory on why this is. Girls just have days where they don't feel good, normally a few every month, due to hormones and "girl issues". Girls are used to not feeling great, but having to continue with their daily lives, while the second a guy gets sick the whole world seems to stop because they're not used to dealing with it.

#13 what a lovely and almost convincing excuse you have there!

Recently read an article on how men get hit with the cold/flu symptoms harder than women do, making us look like sissified tweety birds. That being said, he should have gotten the **** over it and went to the store for his pregnant wife.

skittyskatbrat 19

Pregnant women get much sicker than non-pregnant women most of the time. A cold that would normally have knocked me down for maybe a week is now dragging into its tenth week with bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, the works. We're just more vulnerable; a lot of our energy is going to grow a baby, and our immune system is also somewhat repressed (keeps the body from rejecting a fetus). So, she's likely as sick or SICKER, exhausted anyways from the effort of hauling around the extra weight and all the body changes, has a hard time sleeping just from kicking baby and discomfort, AND is doing the housework AND is going shopping? Husband needs to grow a conscience. And unless he's at death's door with this, he needs to be focused on keeping the wife healthy so that they can have a healthy kid...not one two months premature.

Ihavegas 22

we want attention too!!!

Even when they

Aren't sick, just choose any time or day of the week.

#28 and how is that an excuse?

I have to agree on the tissue part. Some of them can hurt almost as much as stepping on a lego brick

I agree some tissues terrible, but if they were so important to him, he could have got his own non-pregnant butt off the couch and gone and picked them up himself.

My dad uses paper towels. I dont see how sometimes. When Im sick I want soft tissues for my nose because its raw, not him...he wants something that holds it together.

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I disagree with your statement 100 percent. My husband is tough and has pulled through a lot, but the minute get gets sick, he acts pretty much the way OP described her husband.

Well I guess you enjoy babying your husband and that's why he can keep doing it. They do say men try to marry people who act like their mama.

Junkman6- How does it feel to be thumbed down on every single post you have ever written? Acting like a douche isn't fun for anyone.

Did you know when you married him he was such a little Wuss?

All men are whinny when they're sick. They think they're gonna die or something, so shut up with your question!

You go girl!