By noway - 22/03/2015 04:03 - United States - San Francisco

Today, a girl asked me to check out her left breast, which she said she'd found a strange lump on. I'm an orthodontist. FML
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19990231 29

Maybe she just wanted you to look at her breast.


19990231 29

Maybe she just wanted you to look at her breast.

#1: Maybe her left side is her better side.

maybe shes worried her breasts are growing teeth? :-P

19990231 29

Maybe those are what the bumps around the nipples are

incoherentrmblr 21

Since you're an orthodontist, did you give her breast an oral examination?...

Exactly.. When life offers you a free boob check you don't complain

Annnnddd thats how you get sued or accused of sexual assault

Of course you would need them both for a true comparison.

skyeyez9 24

Depends on the person exposing them too. Does she look like Honey Boo Boos mom? Or Megan Fox?

#6240190 Yeah, sure, he should've taken the bait and gotten slapped with a sexual assault lawsuit...

She probably just thinks "doctor" is a doctor for everything, rather than a title.

JustinJK 21

My cousin has a PhD in Econ. She's a professor and goes by "Dr..." to her students, etc. She's had people ask her for medical advice, lol.

It makes me wonder if this girl was a patient or what context this happened in...

I guess it could've been worst. It could've been a lump in between her ass cheeks

Epickitty58 29

Why are you complaining about that?

11 - I think they just meant it in the context of, "Hey, why're you complaining? You get to check out her boobs."

UhHuhHoney 20

Some people are just stupid, it's sad.

RammerJammer62 8

I see nothing wrong with this one sir.

Does she know the title doctor doesn't always mean treating

mgrazi99 13

He does treat, just teeth and not breasts