By not a cancerous pimple - 31/01/2015 00:11 - United States - Chester Springs

Today, I felt a painful lump on my jaw. After going on Google, I was convinced I either had an infected tooth or jaw cancer. In a panic, I rushed to the dentist and told the receptionist the problem. She pulled the dentist from an appointment, and he felt around my jaw. It was just a pimple. FML
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My diagnosis: Web MD induced hypochondria.

(Red Foreman voice) Dumbass.


My diagnosis: Web MD induced hypochondria.

That moment when you're not sure whether your hypochondria is real or Web MD deluded you into thinking so.

That moment when you realize that saying "that moment when" makes no sense and is just plain annoying.

ChristianH39 30

Of all the annoying overused things people say on fml (shitty situation/plot twist etc.) "that moment when" is not that bad.

that moment when nobody thinks your comment is funny

Yeah, pretty much the prime example of why not to self diagnose. Especially if you can't tell the difference between cancer and a pimple.

Well that sucks

Sounds like something that could be said about any FML.

Lesson learned?

(Red Foreman voice) Dumbass.

this made my day

deathhill3 40

Never trust the internet to give even a slightly accurate diagnosis of a medical condition.

meli1195 31

you really shouldn't believe all you read on the Internet OP.

Now OP might have trouble believing you.

It is written on the Internet, though

So dumb I couldn't even come up with a decent smartness comment

I can no longer trust you with scissors you'll hurt yourself

I don't blame you. I get really paranoid after I read the results for any symptom I type into google. I guess the Internet just has that effect. *types in stuffy nose, result: I'm dying in two days

TomeDr 24

It's called Googleitis.

Or Dumbassitis!