By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
Today, my mom got drunk and started crying at my after-wedding party, after promising she'd behave herself. She thinks my husband is an awful person who'll drag me into a life of sin, all because he has a tattoo and an ear piercing. FML
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well #3, I would hope that I could reasonably expect my mother not to get so drunk at my wedding/after-wedding party that she starts spouting insults about how much of a sinner my husband is.

By  Purexinsanity  |  46

And she waited until now to tell you how she felt about him?
I feel you should try talking to her and see if you can show her that piercings and tattoos are just another art form. And if that doesn't work, maybe get a tattoo yourself
Congrats on getting married by the way!

By  LoverWordsFood  |  27

It annoys me that people think like this. You need to sit down with her and explain things, and if that doesn't work it may be time to pull away as shitty as that sounds. I wonder how your husband feels about the whole thing. I would say have a sit down with all three of you together and talk it out but I'm afraid that your mom might think you guys are covering or whatever fucking crazy ass parents think.

  jazzy_123  |  20

why would she need to go as far as pulling away? Just because she feels that way doesn't mean that she's a bitch to him when she's sober, and even if she was, Ops husband could be a great man and just let the mom talk and hold it in. My mom says some mean things about my bf but he loves me so much that he bites his tongue and shows his face at my house once a week just to be with me. All that just so I won't ever have to pull away from my family. Relationships are sacrifice.

  jazzy_123  |  20

yes that's true. I was gonna edit and add "and compromise" but I was at work and my break was over. If my point didn't get across because of one sentence then oh well.