By roxyriley - 07/12/2009 09:30 - United States

Today, a friend of mine and I were talking about how hygienic we are. She mentioned she hadn't shaved her downstairs in a while. I was looking at the computer when she said this so when I turned to look at her I saw she had pulled down her pants and underwear. I was face to face with hairy muff. FML
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Seriously, as long as you bathe, body hair is perfectly normal. Sure society says its EWWW GROSS but grow the **** up people. Stop being thirteen.


That is sooooo non-hygenic. Was it girl on girl though? That would be ok. At least you would have something to floss with after eating.

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what a weirdo :s. is this a girl thing or something? lol

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the girls dont care about showing boobiess and pussy haha idk why but we just dont mind

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im sorry but speak for yourself.. Iol

#54 represents a very small amount of girls which have no self respect.

uh. #54 is wrong, the minority wont care but most of the girls will. y? because girls like op might think its unnecessary and write an fml about it

...I've never shown any of my friends my moonpeach and I go to an all-girls' school where we're fairly open about personal stuff like that. :/ I really don't think they'd want to see it.

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thats great 59 but for guys we do care about showibg our wankers 2 eachother lol

I would never show myself to my friend like that... I don't mind getting dressed in the same room, or getting ready to party etc, which normally means in underwear but most girls don't do this, even if my friend had hers shaved into a star or something etc, we wouldn't show each other 59 is trying to be an E-attention seeker... :)

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Actually no, she isn't being an "E-tention" seeker. She just may be comfortable with her body. There are some girls who do this, like myself. No need to be a hater:)

it's a comfort thing. My fiance and her female best friend are open to the extent they're comfy naked, but it isn't sexual, they just aren't ashamed around one another. me and my male best friend do the same thing. And the four of us are slowly progressing to have nothing to hide from one another. but there's no sexual feeling there besides my fiance and I, but we do nothing with then around. We're just all close friends.

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To another girl I assume you mean. :p

sometimes that's cool nothin wrong with some hair

There you go again Perdix! Hahahha Op, I had the opposite happen to me. My GF was showing her overgrown "landing strip." The horror! I thought to myself, please never do that again!!! Btw, I find it quite humorous when people use "downstairs" and "down there." :D I know you were being polite. It just makes me giggle....hehehe

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i love when people say that too. i laugh everytime

Was it just a lil bit of hair? And are you a dude? And is she hot? And if you answered yes to all of the above...did you promptly bang the crap out of her?

Banging the crap out of her sounds very unhygienic.:/

surely you mean face to muff? or is it THAT disgusting

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trizzleb: STFU. It's not unhygenic shaving down there. If it was, the majority of men would be considered filthy pigs. It's just something society pushes onto women, saying that unshaven hair on any part of their bodies is disgusting or wrong, when it is not, it is natural. Please think before posting, you idiot. OP: Why brag about hygeine? Why brag at all? Honestly, YDI for bragging.

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The majority of men are filthy pigs.

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As I said in the newer post about pubic hair, it harbors harmful bacteria, so it is better for the person to get rid of it.

i just dont like having it myself but to each their own.

actually it prevents bacteria from getting in dummy

45 probly is. eat more food, for my sake. i hate to see girls do that to themselves.