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Today, while at the laundry mat, an old man kept putting extra quarters in my dryer. I didn't realize until a while later what he'd done, just so he could keep watching me bend over to see how much time was left. FML
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good strategy, I like his way of thinking. jk!

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YDI for calling it a "laundry mat"

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He's got a book on the art of getting some

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Or atleast the art of prolonging a good visual.

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They have figured us out! Time to go to plan B.


What a sly old bastard, I hope I'm like him in my old age

The art of prolonging a good visual...good book

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Is it just me or did anyone else think of the song "take her take her to the floor, show her show her how you roll, drop it drop it drop it low, drop it low drop drop it low?" cuz u have a girl bending over (drop it low) because an old man is making her (take her to the floor) and clothes are in a dryer rolling around.. :)

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This would also make for a great hidden-camera prank (in a non-perverted way)!

Have u look at a mirror recently? Eventhough his old doesn't mean he's dead... He still gets horny like any other guy, now if you was a dude, that makes it weird

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What does looking in the mirror have to do with the rest of your comment?

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I think when 53 said to look in the mirror, they were implying that 3 looked creepy themselves.

Unless the man goes for those saggy asses... *shudders*

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OP should of posted a pic of her ass along with her post!!!! I wanna see!!!!!


It cost the old guy a quarter per look, you think she's gona show you for free ?

118- This girl named Blue Waffle has a hotter ass.

166- nahh red pancakes totally beat her!

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Don't you mean ASS a compliment? He he, no? Okay.

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31- stop with the crap at the end of your comment. It's old and unoriginal. Thumb me down punks.

You would say that, wouldn't you? Cause you're too stupid to realize that women don't respond to trashy "compliments" like whistling at their asses, but to classy ones like telling them they have pretty eyes. Toolbag!

Give her a break her comment and the one above are a minute apart.

When you done with your dictionary may I see it? I love how they give small paper cuts while I passionately read their insides.

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Wow you all's comments are more amusing than the actual FML post!!!

LO freaking L!!! In a rush? To comment? Dude get a life

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We all do that sometimes. It's only natural. Still, 25 a peep? You should raise your rates.

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The least you could have done was say thank you.