By apparentlytoougly - 27/03/2013 07:29 - United States - Garden Grove

Today, a customer came up to me and asked if I knew where the make-up aisle was. I pointed him in the right direction but he just gasped and said, "Oh so you DO know where it is!" and walked away, roaring with laughter. FML
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trellz17 19

I guess he picks on others to make himself feel better. **** him

Too bad there isnt an isle for common decency.


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1) How do you know op doesn't. 2) Op could have a religion that's against it. 3) It's ops choice not yours.

#14 I wish I could control people who are controlling so they won't be controlling anymore.

If OP is comfortable with herself not wearing make up, or only wearing a little then I say good for her. She obviously doesn't feel she needs to hide behind a mask in order to leave the house.

#1- Suck it. How did that feel? Not so nice is it?

Good! Now maybe next time you will be nice so we don't have to let #42 hurt you again.

foreverboredZ 4

The wild FML user is confused!

Wild Internet user uses Insult. Your self esteem fell.

trellz17 19

I guess he picks on others to make himself feel better. **** him

That doesn't sound like a good reason to have sex with him...

So by that logic, I should've banged my brother's ex… Nah, I'm good.

yeah you go trellz guy! you're so right dude

No they don't!! Most people are gorgeous sexy beasts who are lovely to each other! Well they are in my life anyway... Happy Easter FML community! May you meet some of the lovely people out there over Easter. :)

Can't you just laugh to yourself? Do you really have to comment that?

#7- Oh you laughed! Thank god! I was beginning to worry.

people can be cruel like that. don't let it get to you op.

Too bad there isnt an isle for common decency.

^But douches are in the personal care aisle.

error404n0tf0und 21

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vadaaa 11

Don't make up story is OP? I think you mean stories

TheManager 6

10 could also mean "don't make up the op that belongs to story." #10, you're learning. Pay attention.

3rdbass 9

No worries, OP. I'm sure he's never had a girlfriend nor will he ever get one with a personality like that.

jisaac09 25

I wouldn't bet money on that one if I was you. People with low self esteem gravitate to other people with low self esteem.

3rdbass 9

I wouldn't bet money that I would bet money on such a statement.

Well...! Somebody told him you didn't know so they ended up having a bet with each other. Whoever thought you were inefficient got their ass kicked. He was probably laughing at the person who lost.. Take it easy!!

debbster7 18

Well I guess he would know about make up now wouldn't he?